Lady Lyelle

Aaaaand I have a new character on Guild wars 2 that I intend to keep. I was not so keen on having a Mesmer, everyone else around me though seemed to love them to bits. I had nothing to do in the game and so I decided to create a character that looked a bit like me. My body looks a lot like a norn’s and so I thought let’s start there.

I soon found out that it was my main character’s birthday and they offered a “Make over kit”- I thought I would use it on my Mesmer and change a few things since she didn’t look very much like me anyway. By the end of the creation, the “Make over”- I had transformed her completely and realized she looked nothing like me. But I loved the hair color and the white eyes.

Mesmers have illusions, and so… Which one is real?



Heroes of the Storm- Sylvanas and Nova vs Diablo

Okay, so if you follow me on Facebook and Youtube or DeviantArt. You already know that I have been drawing and participating in the Drawing Competition for Heroes of the Storm. Like I mentioned somewhere else, this was quite a challenge. I do not usually paint more than one figure in a “Digital Painting”- I am still rather new at this. I usually just do value studies, portraits and things like that.

Since I had been playing Heroes of the Storm with PP. I felt like I should give my own input on the game as a drawing. I have my favorites, for example I absolutely love Sylvanas. How fast she is at taking down minions and mercenaries. Its really awesome. On the other hand though, I’m not really good against heroes and I guess I should just work on my build better. PP loves Nova and personally I find Nova really hard to play. I suck so bad its embarrassing. I have to say though. That the game is good fun. I have been playing it ever since it was in Beta so I know what I’m talking about. (Trust me I am an engineer)

Anyway, if you watch the video on the painting process. You will find out that on numerous occasions the painting itself looked rather good and instead of leaving it the way it was because “less is more”, I kept on going. It is rather frustrating. I find that my sketches are amazing, my rough drawings are great but when it comes to the final thing. URGH. Can’t do it. Anyway.





Painting Process as a video:

Yes, we’ll kill the boss but first…

Let me take a Selfie.

I’ve been playing Borderlands2 with one of my best friends and this popped up while killing a boss. At that exact moment it was hilarious. I can’t actually remember how we brought it up because we’ve been joking about it all this time. But basically, a boss came up and I ran out of ammo and had no idea what to do. Deathtrap was on cool down… it was awful and Zero was like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” and I was like “well.. I ran out of ammo Idk..  its on cooldown..” and then he just mentioned it to me..

“WHAT? are you taking a selfie first or something?”

I will kill this boss. BUT FIRST. Let me take a selfie.


What I thought of Rayman Legends

Now, seriously this game is awesome. I cannot find any other better movie, game or anime to begin my new “Review posts”.

One of my friends suggested to play the game, I must admit I was not very interested in the name at first, I had never heard of it before and was convinced that it would be just one of these “other games” that my friend seem to be obsessed with. A couple of weeks afterwards, I invited that same friend over to mine’s. He started to transfer all sorts of games and 3D things for the animations we are to work on and I could not just sit at my PC and not tidy up the folders and the files off my desktop… I got curious and Pp (My Bestie), was talking about how the game use to be great and that this one was the new one that just came out.

I began to play.

The thing that I immediately loved the most were the drawings, graphics and simple animations. I am aware that the target audience would probably be children, the colors are bright and the characters are pretty cute (Barbara is my favorite)- OMG I love Barbara. Did I tell you that I love Barbara? Here is a drawing of her I did using a wacom tablet (for the first time):


Of course it is not finished but woah… that Wacom tablet is DAH BOMB. Anyway, this is not a Wacom tablet review.

So the Art, Graphics, animations and the game play are not the only awesome things in this game and I know a lot of peeps would agree. The music is amazing too. For example:

I also love the adventurous feel to it; as well as the detailed sound effects and the character designs. I would love to work on a game like that one some day and when I have kids one day I will definitely make them play Rayman Legends. It is an advantage as well to have checkpoints all over the place, it helps you complete the level with a bit of satisfaction even if you have to try over and over again.

The only disadvantage I would point out is not having a co-op gamelay online, for example; my besty and I are not living in the same country and we love playing co-op games together, and having to play this awesome game separately is heartbreaking.

So that is it for my Rayman Legends review!