Challenge acc… urghh… *Yawn*

So someone challenged me to draw my cover picture from Facebook- Started out fine but 😀 lol Im tired, its getting challenge



sona drawing


Sorry about the quality 😀 lol

I usually put it in Photoshop for some editing, I figured that I made you wait long enough though, here she is.
I had no internet to upload her any sooner, I hope you did not lose interest while waiting. 😛

A girly review on League of Legends.

League of Legends, a.k.a LoL is a multiplayer online game. People often compare it to Dota/Prime world and from what I remember there are 4 different maps in the menu offering different game plays, strategies and tactics as a team or solo (referring to ARAM)+ Dominion.

With a good team the game can bring great adrenaline rush, exciting/happy/hilarious times or even dreadful ones(When your friends let you down). I sort of think that 60% of the time I got put in difficult teams where they were refusing to cooperate, which lead to countless defeats. But 40% of the time I got encouraged by great players and good teams leading to amazing rewarding victories.

I personally find that the game gets boring. If you do not play often/competitively or study the details of the game it is difficult to keep up, and with the pressure that your teammates sometimes put on you- The game becomes no fun at all. You will find yourself playing the same match over and over again. There is not a great number of page runes, and having an intricate build for each of your favorite character is intense- If you love playing adc you will always be in the bottom lane, if you love playing mid you will always be mid. If there is a character you are attached to and the team doesn’t want you to play with it then it is hard to adapt (when you do not play night and day). You either give it all of your lifetime or nothing at all.

After reading all this you might think that I hate the game. It is not like that at all. I actually enjoy playing LoL a lot. When I have enough friends to create a team, and once we have agreed on our strategy and role, the game grows and gets to another level. I give it my all. When I play during the week, when everyone just happens to be busy I tend to prefer teaming up with PP on custom matches against AI/bots. It is very relaxing. The only disadvantage is not getting any money or experience which gets you nowhere. So, you are forced to play PVP, against and sometimes with unknown and unpleasant gamers. Custom games VS AI/bots also means victory and no challenges- easy game, boring game, no rewards. I just play it to relax.

What I love about LoL at 100% is the music, the artwork, the designs, story and animation in the whole game. I love the relationship between the champions and the details in their personal background story as well as their personality and accurate statistics. With all the work they put in the character design and music as well as animation, I strongly feel that they should consider including an adventure game where it is not competitive. What I actually mean is to have an interactive adventure mmorpg where the gamer lives the story of each character. Players could collect achievements and gain experience with that, we also get the choice: Competitive or cooperative adventure game.

Now, moving on to favorite things:

Favorite champion:

Now, when I first started playing the game my favorite character was LeBlanc, she was free on the week I had started playing- but now I tend to focus on ADC. My current favorites are Vayne, Irelia and Jinx. If I find myself in a position where I have to use a support my favorite is definitely Lulu.

My favorite skin?

Lulu_3I love the foreshortening, the magical feel and how they captured the personality of cute little sorceress lulu.

My favorite animated log in is hard to choose, but I will go with my recent favorites. Like Jinx and the summer log in screens. This also includes the music:

My favorite map is the 5×5 summoners rift and 3×3 twisted tree line.

My favorite offensive item: Blade of the ruined king. Favorite defensive item: Guardian Angel. Item I cannot live without: BOOTS!

My favorite buff: Wild growth

I am kind of tired so ¬_¬ I would like to go take a nap if possible…

Basically, I will keep playing this game from time to time with PP and I will stop giving him a hard time, I will look forward to the new character designs. Ciao-su!

Bltz and vayne