Randomina Fabulosia- Random scribble Challenge

Okay, so I did not have anything planned for today. So, I thought… “Why not try the “scribble” challenge?” The one where you make a random scribble and see what you come up with. I am uploading both the scribble and the drawing separately so if you want to try it out.. Go ahead 🙂

random random2


[Day 10 Apicaday Challenge]- Nostalgia

Just a few minutes ago, I found myself discussing the past with my hilarious parents. My dad mentioned how he had read something from today’s Newspaper that was about Pokemon. Quite frankly, I admitted not liking it anymore- wait! I have a simple explanation for this. In my childhood, I use to love Pokemon. Every morning before school my dad would buy cute little juice boxes that came with the Pokemon stickers, I collected them and traded them with my best childhood friend. [The new Pokemon is not the same as the old one T___T ]

So, what I am trying to say is: the word Pokemon just makes me remember those beautiful days. Trading those cards and buying those juice boxes was an important decision involving life and death (as a kid- because of Friendship). The recent Pokemon movies, anime, and games are just not the same. I understand why, but I just do not want to forget what “Pokemon” means to me.

I find myself not posting a picture that I have taken today(sigh) unfortunately, but I never mentioned rules for this challenge. Thus, I am posting one that was taken 2 years ago with the exact Best childhood friend that I am unable to forget. We are far apart and extremely different, but grew up as brothers and sisters. We might not meet for a while but I know that we will always meet with a smile.

AxeLand Bry


[Day 8 Apicaday challenge]- :D


I’m so excited, and I’m trying my best to hide it. I can’t wait to install it, but laziness is also taking over me. I couldn’t take more “exciting pictures”, forgot the camera at home.. derp. hehehe… but I realized that a lot of the followers tend to prefer drawings! This picture will give you excitement too right?- means more drawings are on their way! ;D

My first impression of the bamboo tablet is simple: For the price, this tablet is EPIC. I have tried the trust tablets before and it is not as flexible as the bamboo tablet, the drawings come out better, its perfect for artists who like sketching or digital paintings :)!!


[Day 2 Apicaday challenge]- The 100 things I am thankful for.


A picture of Kieran and the list of 100 things I am thankful for. It is an exercise to see whether it pushes me to be optimistic and positive ;D

(Random places, NOT RATED from 1 to 100- its random!)

  1. My parents (Mum and Dad, my uncles)
  2. My Nanny (Manee)
  3. My Cat (Bakemono)
  4. My BFF PP 😀
  5. My Brothers(Bry and Ga)
  6. My good friend Craig and funny classmates
  7. My other good friends that I didn’t talk to in a while
  8. Childhood friends
  9. My health
  10. My physical appearance
  11. Anime
  12. Kpop
  13. Games: LOL, GW, etc.
  14. Photoshop, SAI, Poser, Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush.etc.
  15. My artistic skills
  16. Books
  17. Movies/ Films and Animations
  18. Internet and my Computer
  19. My house, Apartment and Bungalow
  20. My intelligence
  21. My Smart Phone
  22. My photo Camera and recording Camera
  23. My drawing tablet
  24. My awesome childhood
  25. My cute belongings
  26. My Personality
  27. My luck
  28. Bollywood movies
  29. Korean drama
  30. Japanese drama
  31. Comic con and Japan Expo
  32. My mixed Background; Mauritian/ Scottish
  33. Skype
  34. Team viewer
  35. My qualifications
  36. Hayao Miyazaki
  37. My old Ipod
  38. Cute Raccoons, owls, Pomeranians. etc.
  39. My ever growing knowledge
  40. Pools
  41. Tropical seas
  42. Swimming
  43. Musical instruments
  44. My bed
  45. My couch
  46. My stylish clothes
  47. My comfy chair
  48. My notebook from PP
  49. Sebastian Michaelis and TOP
  50. Miku and other vocaloids
  51. My close cousins: Julie, Uguette,etc.
  52. My travelling experiences: Rodrigues, England, Wales, Scotland, France, Mauritius.etc.
  53. Helpful people I have met throughout my life
  55. Torrents
  56. Arthur’s seat and Craggs
  57. Edinburgh College
  58. Lothian buses
  59. Edward Norton, Fight club
  60. The sun and the rain.
  61. Pizza, Pasta, Italian Food
  62. Noodles, fried rice, Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Thai Food
  63. Indian food, curries etc
  65. Dhal pouri, Alooda, Farata, Mauritian food
  66. My imagination
  67. My imaginary friends
  68. Capitaine
  69. Tintin comic books
  70. Manga
  71. Comic books in General
  72. Vampire Dairies (Damon!)
  73. Learning languages (Spanish and Japanese)
  74. The languages I can already speak fluently (French, English, creole)
  75. Youtube
  76. Art
  77. The pets I use to own.
  78. The awesome time I had in Sicily
  79. Dance
  80. EXTREMELY THANKFUL for the primary school and high school days to be over.
  81. Leith Academy
  82. Adulthood
  83. Salad
  84. Ham and chicken
  85. Being a Tomboy
  86. Internet Memes
  87. Doctor Who
  88. All the 20 christmas days I’ve had
  89. All the 20 birthday days I’ve had
  90. The different cultures I am aware of Indian, Chinese, Creole, French, Japanese, Korean. etc.
  91. Yaoi
  92. Romance
  93. Warmth from the heater
  94. Electricity and comfort
  95. Bambi and Sound of music from childhood
  96. Inner Peace
  97. Tea and cookies
  98. My mum’s best Gratins :3
  99. My baking skills
  100. All my working senses (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting)

\(^O^)/ WOOOO

It will probably help me to complain less, understand that what I have is already awesome. 🙂 It does help you to be positive. So, I tag whoever is reading this!- It is not as easy as it seems, I’m telling you!