#Inktober2016- The Week’s

I’m too busy and unwell to do better at the moment.




#Inktober2016- Flight

I know I’m posting this later than usual. Let’s just say I drew and took a picture but never got round to uploading it and same goes for the other drawings that follow. And today is the 25th and I am a couple of days behind. I am not giving up though, only a few days till October is over and I’ve come so far now, I can’t just give up! Drawings on the way!


#Inktober2016- Tree

I have a lot of work to do and I might not be able to do great doodles anymore, it might just be tiny weeny sketches from now on. But I am not giving up on Inktober yet. + I ran out of ink in the Markers… and had to buy new ones… waiting on its delivery!