I lost someone important to me this week. So I made a video to remember fragments of my life with her :). Its always difficult to let go, but she went through a lot and deserves some rest… I will love you always. Rest in peace.


Click here for the video


Back to Life Drawing

Great, so I just started doing life drawing again. I guess I was a little bit rusty. I found it a little bit hard to get all the proportions right. Hopefully next week i’m all warmed up. I have been drawing so much those past few days that I feel like my arm might just fall off at some point.

Examples of 30 secs movement drawings. Dynamic poses.

The first 2 warm up drawings (10mins)


Then the last one where we had a little more time for details and observational study.IMG_20150909_143627

Overall, I really liked it, it was nice to get back into it after this long… I think its been a few months since I did any kind of life drawing or still life, any observational drawing really. Anyway. I hope to improve much more this year 😀

People Know How

Here is a video I have animated and edited for the company People Know How. Tell me what you think 🙂

CGI Animations #4 MonsterBox

I’ve seen that animation a while ago, but I loved it so much I felt it was important to mention it in a review up here.

The animation I’m reviewing is “MonsterBox” by Ludo Gavillet. Now, I’m sure my love from this animation is just because of my childhood. Everyone’s childhood differs but mine involved a lot of tree climbing, beaches and tropical suns. I grew up in a beautiful tropical island; the colors are very bright and vibrant there. The animation I’m about to talk about involves those atmospheres I grew up in. I do not only relate to it with the mood created but I also feel connected to the characters in some way.

When growing up my parents encouraged me to have many different pets: I’ve had dogs, rabbits, hamsters, fish, turtles, and birds. Every time I would find a stray animal I would take it home and my parents would find a way to give it away to nice people and find a good home for each of them. I swear, my parents have seen it all. I’ve brought puppies, cats, kittens, dogs and baby bats whenever I found them struggling on the streets. The monsters from the animations make me think of all those stray animals my parents took care of.

And that is not all. The old man in the animation makes me think of my dad. My Dad loves planting, knows practically everything about every plants. He has all the books, all the different seeds and the different tools. I think that if he had all the time in the world on his hands he would just spend it all in the garden.

I guess it is pretty obvious to know how much I like this animation, the character designs are perfect in my opinion. The mood and atmosphere created is beautiful and make me want to go back to the old days.

On the technical side, I think that the animations are fluid and natural. The environment created is unique but still looks beautiful and matches the characters. The sound effects and lighting are great, everything is well synchronized- Adds to its beauty. The story is original and quite simple, I’m not sure about the little monsters’ design but the textures are all so smooth, it goes quite nicely. I do like the character’s relationship too. The animation has no dialogue and I thought that the relationships and feelings were well expressed through the body language and facial expressions. They show the great generation gap and also that both main characters do care for each other and I find that lovely. There is a slight humor at times which is focused on the 2 personalities present in the animation, there is no exaggeration and it feels realistic.

MonsterBox is a real “Feel Good animation”- It is perfect for an audience of all ages, it is calm and enjoyable (The music matches the animation too). So I definitely recommend it to everybody.

You can watch it here:

And the Making of:

CGI Animations #3 “Premier Automne”

Okay. My renders are taking ages and instead of just sitting and doing nothing I thought that completing this review I was about to do a few weeks ago would be a great idea. The animation I was thinking of reviewing is “Premier Automne” by Carlos De Carvalho and Aude Danset.

“Premier Automne” from what I understand is an animation about two different seasons and two different characters. One of the Characters: Apolline lives in Summer and the other Character: Abel lives in Winter. The animation is amazing, its fluid and natural. The drawings and effects are unique and enjoyable.

Overall, I loved the animation and even if the story is simple, there is a lot that the audience can feel and analyze through it. Unfortunately, I am not completely comfortable with the story. I understand the idea is that the two characters have to live separately to protect each other, but I would have liked that we kept in mind that there are 4 seasons; Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Even if they cannot be together at first, is it not better if they did end up together?

When winter goes towards Summer there is Spring between them and when Summer goes towards winter there is Autumn between them. Autumn and Spring are very romantic seasons. The story could have included a good ending of Abel and Apolline together creating Spring or Autumn. A season for them to be together without hurting each other. That is just my heart talking because I do not like seeing distance in relationships.

Even if the story bothered me I still enjoyed watching the animation, the sound effects are soft and well synchronized and the environment created is beautiful. Just keep in mind that things are never BLACK OR WHITE. It can have a mixture of both. 🙂 That is just my opinion though.

I have also found the Behind the scenes video, if anyone is interested in that, you can definitely check it out:

CGI Animation #2 Memorize

Alright. Here it goes. Another Review.


Since I am also studying a bit on Special effects I thought I’d talk about special effects a bit. WOO! Right?- [I’ll upload my projects later relating to this and may be my experiences in the animation classes.]

Anyways,This review is about a Short Film, I loved it [even if it only lasted 7 minutes]. The Camera angles varied and were in the right places every time to make the animations look credible. The environments picked and created are perfect to match the “Futuristic” Feel. The actors are pretty good too, so the special effects were great. Please let me comment on the outfits. Please, Please. Yes! I think the main Character’s outfit ROCKS. I really like it. Might even do a FanArt thing on this main character. I’m just putting it out there.

They paid amazing attention to detail and I loved the “video game” type of feel it gives off [without exaggeration]. The main character is also appealing to guys and girls- What I’m trying to say is: they know how to catch their audience. The animations are simple and yet I would have liked more action with a longer Film/Movie. I just wished they dug deeper into the story, made the concept way heavier than what it is. Anyways, watch it! I’m leaving the link below.

P.S: If you are like my Jarvis who likes watching his things in HD or its a NO-NO. Then you’ll be delighted.

2. My day. Today. A reason not to..

Today consisted of video editing, Darth Vader and special effects. 10 seconds of animation, 6 hours of work- YES.

Well, here is a slice of my life today. :3

Dan wanted to use the tablet but he was convinced that the pens weren’t in the classroom. So, I told him to check: “You never know, Santa might have left a pen for you in the cupboard”. He took ages to go check it out because he took a while to ask the teacher for “permission” to open the cupboard (such a sweet, polite, little thing)- Meanwhile, Craig was having trouble animating and got frustrated. We always joke around and attack each other in a friendly and funny way (I do admit that sometimes it crosses the line) but its okay, Friends are here for that. I guess.