Scottish Wild Cat

This makes me wonder if my cat isn’t an impostor because they look so similar 😀
wild cat2


The Scottish Black Sheep

My plans for selling some of my art during the festival is still a good active idea in my head. Here is what I have done recently :). Everything has to have a Scottish theme.

black sheep2

Keeping in mind that I might begin selling at Etsy too! 🙂 What do you think?

Creature/Animal Study- Owl

I think I did fairly well last year by having a few animal studies and master’s studies as well as fan art and gesture practice. I took a few weeks off of course but hopefully now I can get back to practicing. I’ve been loving owls lately, they are strange spirits, I heard one hooting from time to time (There is probably one around my house) but hopefully I also get to complete my Spirit animal illustration I have been working on before Christmas… ¬_¬” Festivities… oh well.

owls study