I went to see Suicide Squad last week, and since I ran out of ideas. I thought I would do a rough sketch. I also have a new awesome gadget. So…



My Cat’s Carrier…

Kieran absolutely hates his carrier. He has always been free, he does not wear a collar and never wore a leash in his life. Even if he is a 100% indoor cat when he was younger I did bring him out a bit. We played together in the grass and mum would keep her worried eyes on us. She would call us to get back in saying we had enough fun even though we were outside for like 5 minutes.

I have not been sketching or drawing lately, but after seeing kieran’s carrier I thought… lets make it more interesting. May be if I did his fancy portrait and a few fishes on it, he’ll end up liking it 😛


Why/How the Artist timetable!

Well, If you want to get good in Art. It is all about that old saying we hear everyone talking about:


You hear every good artist saying that they had to practice and draw/doodle everyday. The more you practice, the more chances you get in developing a dictionary of references in your head which then helps you breakdown drawings/concepts to be able to draw them faster and easier! I feel that I am definitely improving, it might feel slow but I feel confident that next year I’ll be much better!



I feel like sharing my timetable on my blog now. So if anyone wants to join in and practice they CAN!


Creature/Animal Study (Sketches of animals or plants/insects etc…)- Helpful for character concepts


Masters Study (Copy a painting/drawing of a professional)- Learn new techniques (Composition, lighting, shapes/forms etc.)


Anatomy Practice ( Learn where the muscles are, the bone structure on the body etc)- Helpful again for character concepts/portraits etc.


From Memory Sketch (Demonstrate that you have learnt/remembered something)- Combine your ideas with whatever you remember (DO NOT USE REFERENCES ON THURSDAYS!)


 Gesture Drawing (Practice gesture drawing to get use to body movement and shapes etc) Relaxing Fridays/Passive learning


Self Portrait Project (Draw yourself each week varying the styles/ideas/emotions etc.)


Relaxing days nothing has to be done. If you insist on drawing: From imagination day!

“There is no end to it, really.”- That is what he said.


I am not denying that drawing a bit twice a week improves your drawings in proportions, energy and moods. But Using a complete sketchbook only for gesture drawings… Isn’t that a bit much?- Every teacher says that sketchbooks are meant to contain extremely good and extremely bad drawings. They just show progress, but how does it convince anyone that you are a great artist? I’m just very confused. By the end of it, I understand why it is important for animators to draw human figures, most animations focuses on humans and when movements look wrong it is very easy to notice. So, here it is again. I pick up my pencil to draw some more.



[Day 20 Apicaday challenge] – That new shop I went to…

So, I ran oot of paper and charcoal this week at the life drawing classes. I kept repeating that I had to go buy some paper and good charcoal as well, so my good friend Craig did not waste anytime and just chum me there like a breeze. There are 2 things I definitely have to mention:

1. That shop we’ve been to was M-A-S-S-I-V-E, there is nothing that is doesn’t sell. Funnily enough I did not glance up to see what the name of their company/brand/building was called. classy. But for a massive shop that sells a bit of everything it really is quite impressive, they have great Art materials at a rather cheap price [cheaper than Hobby craft, that I once referred to as my personal paradise.]

2. The candy is cool :3


I was wondering what type of paper to buy; tinted, textured, or just plain… It was a hard decision, Tinted paper for some reason is so damn expensive. I’d rather build my own background color on my drawings. Textured is so perfect with charcoal, and I work so well with it and that shop we have been to had a pretty nice deal… Plain paper does not grab charcoal very well , I would have wasted so much money onto hairspray if I ever did use plain paper.

When I use textured paper in Life drawing classes I have extremely strong glares coming from all the sides, it gives such a nice arty effect, rough and 3D. It makes everybody envy you paper. Trust me, Charcoal and textured paper is the best :3 and candy is nice too.

Old Still life :3


It has been a very busy week. One which involved so much drawing that I feel the need to take a serious break from any sketching for a while. Unfortunately, It cannot be for very long. I need to draw a lot more and practice before applying for uni as I really want to give it my all. I have a lot more drawings to show you guys but I need to keep the blog active. I promise to keep myself organised. >:3 Ciao ciao for now!


[Day 14 Apicaday challenge]- StoryBoarding…



So, My classmates and I were sort of given a lot of books to understand “The Art of Storyboard(-ing)”- We have at least 4 storyboards to complete before getting back to college. Here is some advice I can give really quickly to help anyone who intends to leave it to the last minute forgetting to read what the lecturer gave us.


  1. Understand perspective
    Just to make your drawings easier to understand and more interesting. Make things in 3D

2. Make sure you know how many cameras are available to you. Understand your own “movie”-work out how many takes and hours it will take you to film.

3. Write every explanation down, does not matter how messy it looks as long as you understand your own writing. The drawings must be detailed enough to understand the story on its own.

4. If the problem is just “drawing” because it is not your forte, all you can do is practice. If you do not have enough time to practice then Google pictures and perspective, draw and copy and adapt it to your environment and character. No pressure it is like making a comic.

5.Use pencil and go over with pen. Add the shadows to make the forms and shape a little more natural and understandable.

Good luck. 🙂

[Day 9 Apicaday Challenge]- Mikasa

I’m sorry, I have not been out today, so no great pictures. Was not feeling well these past few days. ¬_¬ but print screens count right?- I’ve been having trouble with Photoshop, so I could not save my work properly. This is kind of the first drawing I have done using my new Bamboo tablet. 🙂 I love this tablet now. Here is a picture of the drawing:



Attack on Titan is just a great anime that confuses your emotions. I cannot count on my fingers the number of time I felt sad, angry, delighted or extremely depressed when watching it. Thus, I am unable to conclude whether I love it or just hate it. It surprises you, and the story is original and well written. I love the relationship between Mikasa and Eren, and then their friendship all together with Armin. So, we can “sort of agree” that I love it somehow?- I would not want to get into too many details and spoil the surprises for everybody. Everyone has to watch it for themselves and see how great it really is.

[Day 8 Apicaday challenge]- :D


I’m so excited, and I’m trying my best to hide it. I can’t wait to install it, but laziness is also taking over me. I couldn’t take more “exciting pictures”, forgot the camera at home.. derp. hehehe… but I realized that a lot of the followers tend to prefer drawings! This picture will give you excitement too right?- means more drawings are on their way! ;D

My first impression of the bamboo tablet is simple: For the price, this tablet is EPIC. I have tried the trust tablets before and it is not as flexible as the bamboo tablet, the drawings come out better, its perfect for artists who like sketching or digital paintings :)!!