I am the spirit of the woods, follow me…

Here is that reference: http://m0thart.deviantart.com/art/THE-SPIRIT-OF-THE-WOOD-491584259

I loved the picture so 🙂

forest spirit


So… I went to the Graveyard,

Yup. That cemetery was always very intriguing, so many trees, so many vines and old tombstones. I thought it would be the perfect place to visit if I was ever going to draw something “halloweenie”- And so I went, always wanted to go but never left the house specifically for it. I needed to clear my head and hadn’t been out for a while… So I went today. The photos were washed out, there was not much sun and the exposure of my camera was not suitable. That’s alright though 😛 Almighty Photoshop!

 cem2 cem3 cem4 cem5 cem6 cem7 cem8


False color infrared Standard Infrared 494193_osen_derevo_pejzazh_5000x3441_(www.GdeFon.ru)

I do not own the picture, found it on Google.
Just had fun changing it ever so slightly.
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[Day 31 – Apicaday challenge]



This challenge is completed, a bit late but completed. I think that now I should just stick to “Weekly challenge”- Should not be too hard to complete. Hopefully, I sprout wings. I gain confidence and succeed for the up coming year. Hopefully my dreams come to life and my future self gets proud of my past one.

[Day 20 Apicaday challenge] – That new shop I went to…

So, I ran oot of paper and charcoal this week at the life drawing classes. I kept repeating that I had to go buy some paper and good charcoal as well, so my good friend Craig did not waste anytime and just chum me there like a breeze. There are 2 things I definitely have to mention:

1. That shop we’ve been to was M-A-S-S-I-V-E, there is nothing that is doesn’t sell. Funnily enough I did not glance up to see what the name of their company/brand/building was called. classy. But for a massive shop that sells a bit of everything it really is quite impressive, they have great Art materials at a rather cheap price [cheaper than Hobby craft, that I once referred to as my personal paradise.]

2. The candy is cool :3


I was wondering what type of paper to buy; tinted, textured, or just plain… It was a hard decision, Tinted paper for some reason is so damn expensive. I’d rather build my own background color on my drawings. Textured is so perfect with charcoal, and I work so well with it and that shop we have been to had a pretty nice deal… Plain paper does not grab charcoal very well , I would have wasted so much money onto hairspray if I ever did use plain paper.

When I use textured paper in Life drawing classes I have extremely strong glares coming from all the sides, it gives such a nice arty effect, rough and 3D. It makes everybody envy you paper. Trust me, Charcoal and textured paper is the best :3 and candy is nice too.