Another Character Design Challenge…

Here is my Sailor Mercury for the character design challenge of the month. 🙂

I have watched sailor moon when I was a wee girl but I was just way too wee to know or remember the series. I had to ask Pp about it in order to make up my mind on who to draw or redesign. 🙂 He said Sailor Mercury. So here it is!

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Sailor Mercury


Kill la Kill Sketch of Adult Ryuko ;D

Hey! Alright I’ve just started watching kill la kill the anime and so far it is quite good. It took a while getting used to the humor and atmosphere but now that I’m used to it! I think the anime is awesome. I can’t decide whether it respects woman or disrespects them but somehow I like that girls seem to be the most powerful in the anime. It also made me think of FLCL, quite similar in many ways: Scooter, big case(Guitar reference), long weapon… very similar. I’d like to think of FLCL as something which demonstrates puberty for guys and Kill la Kill puberty for girls. Its so crazy I have no idea what to say. Does anyone know why everything seem to happen during high school? Because my high school was not that extraordinary.

Anyway, here is the sketch.

kill la kill sketch

Blue Exorcist Gender Bender

Sorry about that. I forgot to post some stuff this weekend, mainly because I drew on paper and didn’t bother taking a picture of the “Friday drawing” and the “Saturday drawing”. Anyways! I’ll post them tonight or something. Here is my Gender bender of Rin. :D! Cute Rin as a sexy girl.


Daughter of Satan

Christmas period

Well, it has been a long while since I posted anything. I was busy with Christmas, family and New years. I’ve also moved to a new house (which is great), and thus I have no idea where some of my art stuff have gone to (not so great). They’re probably in Narnia. Anyways. I’m still trying to be creative though. Here is a handmade mask that I have made a few years ago of Nyanko Sensei from Natsume yujinchou (Great anime btw)- I thought that it matched the Christmas spirit and used it as decoration.



Farewell 2013, Welcome 2014. Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year.

[Day 9 Apicaday Challenge]- Mikasa

I’m sorry, I have not been out today, so no great pictures. Was not feeling well these past few days. ¬_¬ but print screens count right?- I’ve been having trouble with Photoshop, so I could not save my work properly. This is kind of the first drawing I have done using my new Bamboo tablet. 🙂 I love this tablet now. Here is a picture of the drawing:



Attack on Titan is just a great anime that confuses your emotions. I cannot count on my fingers the number of time I felt sad, angry, delighted or extremely depressed when watching it. Thus, I am unable to conclude whether I love it or just hate it. It surprises you, and the story is original and well written. I love the relationship between Mikasa and Eren, and then their friendship all together with Armin. So, we can “sort of agree” that I love it somehow?- I would not want to get into too many details and spoil the surprises for everybody. Everyone has to watch it for themselves and see how great it really is.

My thoughts on RWBY (/^O^)/

I love it when a group of people work together towards something awesome. RWBY is  a great animation! It has humor, amazing fight scenes and strong colors. Each episode may be short but I understand how hard it must be to animate in Poser, I had trouble with this software before- The fight scenes are so perfect and well synchronized with the sound, I cannot help but say that their animating and video editing skills are near perfection (if not perfection itself).


I am so used to watching Japanese anime that  this western anime-style series seems a bit strange, I am not going to lie but it is a good sort of strange. The voice overs are in English and the music fits well with the style. Change is good!

The character’s personalities are very detailed and the designs are great and original. I understand that they were based on the voice actors themselves- which makes it even “awesomer” to my eyes. The way they presented the different main characters was incredible, they have their own trailers and introduction showing their personality, their color and fighting style. I have to admit not liking anime that only include too much fighting in their episodes all the time, but the way “Rooster Teeth” has done it is so stylish, I cannot help myself but love RWBY.

I’ll be waiting for more episodes to come up and I hope that you guys watch it too.

It is funny how I got to watch this anime. My lecturer suggested watching it because it involved poser, which was one of the software my classmates and I used last year to create our animations. Most of us started hating on Poser because of the crashing and the render test fails… etc. With this new Animation; RWBY; I believe everyone in my classroom will start to have different opinions on Poser. See, it is possible to create stunning, wonderful bright colored animations with POSER.

Picture taken from Monty Oum’s deviant Art Page. (Director and Creator of RWBY)

The Theory of Big eyes, like in Anime.. (old post)

I remember visiting the Scottish portrait gallery with a few other actors and artists. On that day, I had a pretty educational tour around the whole building (almost all of it)- I was dragged by my mum, who knew all these artists/actors from a drama workshop and I must admit, it was interesting. Our guide was a woman who was in charge of the drama workshop, she invited all the actors training to become professionals from her class too.

As you would already suspect, they were able to express their feelings for paintings or photography very easily, their minds were at ease- And I, who was excited about the whole thing was unable to take out any valuable statements or opinions. I was Blabbering nonsense. It was not so bad though, I was the youngest one.I was there on that day to learn and I was absorbing every single word our guide was uttering.

We discussed paintings and details of photography. We made sure to tell which Portrait intimidated us or attracted our attention. It was a pretty awesome experience on my account.

The Scottish portrait Gallery had been closed for a while, it just re-open a few months ago. I went to have my first working shift over there as a waitress. No easy task really. I kept stopping to admire paintings, I remember that the Glasses I was holding were quite heavy, causing me to break some when getting rid of them in the kitchen (I was giving such a good impression until this happened)

Putting this working catastrophe behind and moving on with the “intelligent” tour we were offered- I particularly enjoyed the detailed information that our host would give us about portrait sculpture and phrenology [Click here for the definition of Phrenology!]

She explained what was phrenology and then explained why some sculptures in the Gallery’s Library looked so realistic. I was amazed by how this “Phrenology” thing worked, How could someone determine your personality by observing bumps from your head or face?- Why would size of our eye socket matter? Then she mentioned Anime and the traditional idea of drawing big eyes and a petite body; making a girl look more attractive. She said that nowadays people could be manipulating us, we might not decide for ourselves what is beautiful and what is not.

(It was a great experience to hear about all this, as this year I have to create and sculpt as well as design characters for an animation. Now that I am aware of the characteristics related to our facial features, I feel more confident about sculpting faces and bodies.) But of course, the question which showed up from then on was: Why are big eyes such a sexy thing anyway?– At that time our Host was paying much attention to me and it was because my mum had mention how much of an otaku I was.

So, the woman kept explaining to me that Big eyes tend to give a lot of emotions, Men apparently like big eyes. Pupil dilation. ( Well, how could I explain this to you?)- The conversation we were having linked to Horror movies; Men tend to be fond of Horror movies. One of the curious facts said that the pupil of the eye expands as much as 45 percent when a person looks at something pleasing (what the woman said did make sense at the time)

“Death, Sex and Fear- That is  why men like Horror movies” she said.

Why are dilated pupils so attractive? (Still linked to big Anime eyes). Apparently, when having an orgasm our eyes give the same expression as when we are nearly about to die, and the pupils are dilated in both situations. Anime eyes gives you that constant look/feel… As time passed, we moved on and we saw old traditional detailed portraits. Some of them are my favorites. So, I had forgotten about some information about phrenology and big eyes by that time.

It was a thought-provoking expedition. Nourishing day for the Artistic thirsty mind.