Happy Chubby Cute Mexican Merman!

Ay! Ay! 😀




Why I think my Sketches look better than the final thing…

  1. There is just so much more energy and emotions in my sketches.
  2. All the ideas are roughly there, whether they’re good or bad, everyone sees and understands the concept
  3. They take far less time and hassle.
  4. I enjoy doing them and I don’t stress other it.
  5. I can ruin it any possible way I might want, its a sketch. I can experiment
  6. I can leave it half done with far less details and be so lazy about it.

You can find the final drawing here: https://axoupixou.wordpress.com/2015/08/15/august-eh-persevering/


  1. P1000618

Set Yourself a Challenge :)

The first task we were given in class was to pick an object from the middle of the table… There were different things; a ball of grey yarn, a purple vase, a clear bottle, a worn out plank of wood, a box of matches.. etc.etc. But from the start I had spotted a Skull of some sort… It sounds awful and gruesome, and dark/disgusting… But at the same time in my opinion it was the best thing there and it was also closest to me. Easy pick. Plus it also was the most detailed thing on there… The random word I drew out of the envelope was “delicate” and after the flood of ideas drowning me from the inside, I decided to go for a mythical story. I always do. So, I was rather confident.

The idea was to have a mythical creature, doing a special Funeral ceremony for a lost spirit. Sort of turning the skull into a shrine. It offers respect to the animal that once was… Which sort of made me feel a bit evil using the skull and sketching it.. ¬_¬ Where was the respect for the poor thing, the skull itself was slowly crumbling down as I was sketching it.

I somewhat, enjoyed the exercise so no complaints 😀





Alright so I spent most of this week as a night owl and I’m saying it proudly. Next week will be a busy one so I thought it didn’t matter to live life as an owl this week. While catching up on different series and movies I decided to sketch and I made… THIS! It is a random portrait with abstract shapes and stylized cross hatching.

Somehow it reminds me that I have to keep experimenting and having fun, which I have not been doing much with Art lately.