Life Drawing in the morning..

I have a bit of a cold, but that did not stop me from drawing or experimenting.





Anatomy practice Wednesday 7

So, I started those classes a while back, I remember mentioning it ( I think) The entire thing is about Figure drawing but with different techniques. So far, there were only female models (Not that I am complaining, that is what I draw best. I was just hoping to be thrown out of my comfort zone for a while) Anyway, So far the techniques we’ve been using involve Charcoal and graphite, we also used pencil once.

This drawing was focused on practicing tones and contrast/brightness. Which I thought was great since I had been practicing values with digital painting for a while now… It went well, I think it was difficult to forget contours and focus on tones and shapes as well as soft edges and hard edges… But I’m pretty satisfied with the results.


Life drawing week 7 {Last week}

Yay, colored pastels.

I was not feeling great on that day, but my drawings did turn out pretty good. I thought that this whole Charcoal thing was not too helpful; because it does not demonstrate a varied use of different materials. Don’t get me wrong though, I love charcoal. Charcoal is a great material to work with, there are different types: Soft, Thick, thin, hard.. etc. They even vary in Brands. Which basically tells you that you could create whatever you what with whatever.



I was just very excited about adding some colors into the drawings. 🙂 and it turned out awesome!!


IMG_17012I heard that this was the last life drawing class, but there is going to be more interesting drawings on here I promise! 😀


Life Drawing week 6


For some reason the class started a bit later than usual and my bus was delayed so I was feeling alright about this. There is just something that bothered me quite a lot on that day… The Charcoal!- It was so soft and it did not stick to the paper at all. It was difficult to keep the shape of the drawing on there and it was also difficult to emphasize the form and shadows on the body.

The advantage I find with this charcoal is that, it is very easy to erase any mistake. The job of the artist is not to complain about the material he is using but to change his own style to match the material.. So, I tried my best when doing the movement studies to use the charcoal to my advantage- Blur it around to show movement/ possible movements. Also have fun with the round plastic plates we were given to trace out the curves. Fun. Fun. Fun.
IMG_17032I did not take any pictures of my round plate 😦 awh, I would have liked to show you how awesome my round plate’s personality was. Anyway. I am going to upload my last week at this life drawing class tomorrow. I had better materials and some colors included in them so stay tuned!IMG_17042


[Day 20 Apicaday challenge] – That new shop I went to…

So, I ran oot of paper and charcoal this week at the life drawing classes. I kept repeating that I had to go buy some paper and good charcoal as well, so my good friend Craig did not waste anytime and just chum me there like a breeze. There are 2 things I definitely have to mention:

1. That shop we’ve been to was M-A-S-S-I-V-E, there is nothing that is doesn’t sell. Funnily enough I did not glance up to see what the name of their company/brand/building was called. classy. But for a massive shop that sells a bit of everything it really is quite impressive, they have great Art materials at a rather cheap price [cheaper than Hobby craft, that I once referred to as my personal paradise.]

2. The candy is cool :3


I was wondering what type of paper to buy; tinted, textured, or just plain… It was a hard decision, Tinted paper for some reason is so damn expensive. I’d rather build my own background color on my drawings. Textured is so perfect with charcoal, and I work so well with it and that shop we have been to had a pretty nice deal… Plain paper does not grab charcoal very well , I would have wasted so much money onto hairspray if I ever did use plain paper.

When I use textured paper in Life drawing classes I have extremely strong glares coming from all the sides, it gives such a nice arty effect, rough and 3D. It makes everybody envy you paper. Trust me, Charcoal and textured paper is the best :3 and candy is nice too.

Old Still life :3


It has been a very busy week. One which involved so much drawing that I feel the need to take a serious break from any sketching for a while. Unfortunately, It cannot be for very long. I need to draw a lot more and practice before applying for uni as I really want to give it my all. I have a lot more drawings to show you guys but I need to keep the blog active. I promise to keep myself organised. >:3 Ciao ciao for now!