#Inktober2016- The Week’s

I’m too busy and unwell to do better at the moment.




DiGRA and FDG- Sketches

I was a volunteer at DiGRA and FDG for a couple of days in Dundee this week. It was the first Joint International Conference in Dundee, Scotland. The event was hosted by my University: Abertay University. 😀

I was really excited about seeing some of the presentations and lectures. It was really nice to be among humans with similar interests. Have them speak about Video Games, how they are made and all that good stuff.

Most of my time was spent at the registration desk where I would help the guests, lecturers and student check-in. During my free time, I would discreetly open my sketchbook and draw a few people that were hanging around the space.

(Btw I loved seeing people of different ages and cultures play Pokemon Go as well!)

So here are the drawings!


Inktober? WHAT!

Every Artist have been talking about inktober and I had no idea something like that existed D: I felt so left out!!! I had to try a few techniques! I always wanted to draw with ink and pens etc.. ( My interest in making a comic drives me this far) but I’m still just starting out so I didn’t go into much details while doing gesture drawings.

ink tober

But I’m getting there! My obsession with Armor is so strong… COLLECT ALL THE GEARS! Anyway, I’ve been playing Guild wars 2 for a while now, I’ve had my eyes on good looking gears for a while (PP calls it playing with my Barbies)- I had to try drawing out the armor this week since its inktober!