Its so sunny, I went to the Portrait Gallery.

I went out! Instead of sketching digitally, I took my sketchbook and went to the Portrait Gallery where I met up with a friend 🙂

It looked really nice and I had the occasion to sketch one of these old paintings from the 1700s. This character was particularly striking. Every time I take a stroll at the Portrait gallery I go and visit him. He has this pose and this smirk on his face suggesting that he could seduce any woman. The face and the hands weren’t very detailed, you would find that the clothes on the other hand are so precise (I find that very strange). The cloths’ textures and the colors are just so good. The painting itself is so immense. I really like it 🙂





Master’s Study Tuesday 3

Cupid and Psyche. I remember last week the Master study was about a rape. My mother kept asking for a drawing based on love instead of a rape to put up on her wall. So it had to be done. We live on the cheese, so cheesy at every angle.IMG_1266

Master’s Study Tuesday 1

I had something else planned for today, I was going to draw digitally. But digital painting (in my case) asks for a lot of time and patience, I have been missing sketching and drawing traditionally as well. So, I thought may be I could just draw something real quick. It is a sculpture from Aristide Joseph Bonaventure Maillol,  who was a sculptor, a painter and a print maker. I find sculptures fascinating, to be able to reproduce something in 2D is already awesome, now in 3D its even better 😉IMG_1186

Talented masters- Master study

One of my friends brought an art book at college and I went all the way through it to catch the names of my favorite Artists. This is where I found Zorn Anders. He was such an amazing artist involved in painting, sculpting and printmaking. He has to be one of my favorite painters now, I love his use of colors!!! So this time I did not just work on values. 😉

I tried experimenting with color as well. 😀

Zorn-AXL in black and white

Zorn- AXL colours


I will probably work on more masters study which will involve a lot more of Zorn’s creations!