Happy Chubby Cute Mexican Merman!

Ay! Ay! 😀




My Cat’s Carrier…

Kieran absolutely hates his carrier. He has always been free, he does not wear a collar and never wore a leash in his life. Even if he is a 100% indoor cat when he was younger I did bring him out a bit. We played together in the grass and mum would keep her worried eyes on us. She would call us to get back in saying we had enough fun even though we were outside for like 5 minutes.

I have not been sketching or drawing lately, but after seeing kieran’s carrier I thought… lets make it more interesting. May be if I did his fancy portrait and a few fishes on it, he’ll end up liking it 😛


Thank you Friends and Peeps.

Yes, I ended up not drawing today. But there is a lot going on all other the place. My FaceBook Page is slowly growing and a lot of you here are supporting me too with a couple of nice comments here and there.

I also have a Patreon account, it may be a little clumsy here and there but I have a Patron and that is really nice.

What I have not mentioned here is that you can also buy my Art as Greeting cards on Etsy. I just opened my shop. If you want to wish a happy Birthday to someone, or wish someone else good luck or even congratulate or encourage anyone!! The cards are there and you get to choose!!!


Good night Beautiful peeps! 🙂 and thank you again.

2. My day. Today. A reason not to..

Today consisted of video editing, Darth Vader and special effects. 10 seconds of animation, 6 hours of work- YES.

Well, here is a slice of my life today. :3

Dan wanted to use the tablet but he was convinced that the pens weren’t in the classroom. So, I told him to check: “You never know, Santa might have left a pen for you in the cupboard”. He took ages to go check it out because he took a while to ask the teacher for “permission” to open the cupboard (such a sweet, polite, little thing)- Meanwhile, Craig was having trouble animating and got frustrated. We always joke around and attack each other in a friendly and funny way (I do admit that sometimes it crosses the line) but its okay, Friends are here for that. I guess.


The Green Room

I am terribly sorry.

It might look like I am apologizing to no one but lets say that it is an apology to me. I have been so busy this past few weeks, or days… [I can’t remember]- Volunteering, working, researching, etc. The promise I made towards the blog got totally left behind… This is why today, I am apologizing up here on the internet, in public and it really is not like I’m shy or anything [ (-/////-)’]… As I promise that more post are coming up. Soon. Soon enough…

Let’s make a Blog post about my thoughts on the “Green Room”

Most ff the time, when I have been there to film…which happened only twice and it was great. Everyone seemed like they were having a good time even if sometimes we are not doing it right. The only problem is that we cannot go there all the time, and I feel like the lecturer has not been very “okay” with going there… “YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN”- I mean. Excuse me for having a storyboard and friends to help with different things like; lighting and acting and stuff… Doesn’t that sound like a plan?- Arf, this is turning into a rant.

No. I mean yeah. If we exclude the trouble we must go through to get to the green room, the time I spent there was great.