Animal Study – Seals :)

I watched the animation “Song of the Sea” and I loved it. Since I had a hard time choosing which animal to draw… πŸ˜› It helped convince me.

seal study


Re:do of an old doodle?


I have never tried to redraw an old doodle. I found this one yesterday from high school, it is just one of those doodle that I completely forgot about. I’ve seen other artists attempt to improve their drawings, which showed that throughout the years they have drastically improved. Why not give it a little try?


Loose drawings… Urgh!

They are the ones you want no one to see.Β They are the ones you do not want to include in your port folio- But they are important! (Apparently)

Well, this was a strange exercise where we had to draw who ever we chose from our classroom. The rules were:

  • Hold the pencil loosely and look at the subject you want to draw in detail
  • Draw without lifting your pencil off the paper
  • Do not look down at the paper
  • If you look, you lose.

I did go over some of the drawings to add some details (once I looked and lost)- But this was a very hard exercise. Even if these drawings are not my favorites, I quite like them; you can actually guess who’s who (If you know the person concerned, that is…)

This drawing exercise was funny, it made me laugh quite a lot- I felt like I was five again.

scott sandy danny dan craig ali

I love drawing portraits!! So I might upload some of my self portrait and best sketches next! ;D