PortFolio of Still images from “Finders Keepers”


Alright, I’m almost done working on this stuff for college. I just have to submit the portfolio. Somehow that happens when I share my work with the world, what other way to do it but share it on here.

So, these are still images from my animation “Finders Keepers” inspired from the Kitsune Myth. They are edited versions of the original images, so hopefully they look a bit better :D! Anyways. I’m done with the work, I’m about to go home. Ciao Ciao.

OH! and the link to the animation: https://vimeo.com/94242502

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CGI Animations #4 MonsterBox

I’ve seen that animation a while ago, but I loved it so much I felt it was important to mention it in a review up here.

The animation I’m reviewing is “MonsterBox” by Ludo Gavillet. Now, I’m sure my love from this animation is just because of my childhood. Everyone’s childhood differs but mine involved a lot of tree climbing, beaches and tropical suns. I grew up in a beautiful tropical island; the colors are very bright and vibrant there. The animation I’m about to talk about involves those atmospheres I grew up in. I do not only relate to it with the mood created but I also feel connected to the characters in some way.

When growing up my parents encouraged me to have many different pets: I’ve had dogs, rabbits, hamsters, fish, turtles, and birds. Every time I would find a stray animal I would take it home and my parents would find a way to give it away to nice people and find a good home for each of them. I swear, my parents have seen it all. I’ve brought puppies, cats, kittens, dogs and baby bats whenever I found them struggling on the streets. The monsters from the animations make me think of all those stray animals my parents took care of.

And that is not all. The old man in the animation makes me think of my dad. My Dad loves planting, knows practically everything about every plants. He has all the books, all the different seeds and the different tools. I think that if he had all the time in the world on his hands he would just spend it all in the garden.

I guess it is pretty obvious to know how much I like this animation, the character designs are perfect in my opinion. The mood and atmosphere created is beautiful and make me want to go back to the old days.

On the technical side, I think that the animations are fluid and natural. The environment created is unique but still looks beautiful and matches the characters. The sound effects and lighting are great, everything is well synchronized- Adds to its beauty. The story is original and quite simple, I’m not sure about the little monsters’ design but the textures are all so smooth, it goes quite nicely. I do like the character’s relationship too. The animation has no dialogue and I thought that the relationships and feelings were well expressed through the body language and facial expressions. They show the great generation gap and also that both main characters do care for each other and I find that lovely. There is a slight humor at times which is focused on the 2 personalities present in the animation, there is no exaggeration and it feels realistic.

MonsterBox is a real “Feel Good animation”- It is perfect for an audience of all ages, it is calm and enjoyable (The music matches the animation too). So I definitely recommend it to everybody.

You can watch it here:

And the Making of:

Octosnail a.k.a Snailtopus concept

Alright, I worked hard for the last few weeks, so today in the classroom I decided to do something completely unrelated to the work. I grabbed a Tablet, a pen and asked around for ideas. Ali suggested a “cute snail-octopus thing that is lovable and holds ice cream cones” while Dan hesitated to suggest anything. So. Snailtopus it is. Here you go Ali.

Snailtopus- octosnail

Hello! Click the link below!

My Other Half

Its the first animation I have ever made, check it out! (All the details are on the video’s description bar thingie on Vimeo!) Of course, there is plenty I have to improve. Just tell me what you think anyways 😉

I promise that there is more content on its way. I have been so busy for the pass few days. I feel like the fire is catching up to my bum and I better run… Its like I live in a Game from Rayman. hehe.