Back to Life Drawing

Great, so I just started doing life drawing again. I guess I was a little bit rusty. I found it a little bit hard to get all the proportions right. Hopefully next week i’m all warmed up. I have been drawing so much those past few days that I feel like my arm might just fall off at some point.

Examples of 30 secs movement drawings. Dynamic poses.

The first 2 warm up drawings (10mins)


Then the last one where we had a little more time for details and observational study.IMG_20150909_143627

Overall, I really liked it, it was nice to get back into it after this long… I think its been a few months since I did any kind of life drawing or still life, any observational drawing really. Anyway. I hope to improve much more this year 😀


Inktober? WHAT!

Every Artist have been talking about inktober and I had no idea something like that existed D: I felt so left out!!! I had to try a few techniques! I always wanted to draw with ink and pens etc.. ( My interest in making a comic drives me this far) but I’m still just starting out so I didn’t go into much details while doing gesture drawings.

ink tober

But I’m getting there! My obsession with Armor is so strong… COLLECT ALL THE GEARS! Anyway, I’ve been playing Guild wars 2 for a while now, I’ve had my eyes on good looking gears for a while (PP calls it playing with my Barbies)- I had to try drawing out the armor this week since its inktober!

Anatomy Practice Wednesday 1

Alright! Last time I did one of those “Anatomy practice” things I drew a woman. I thought I’d just try a male this time. I keep trying to remind myself that this exercise is mainly to understand the shapes and forms. I have to let it sink in!wednesday

Silhouette Gesture drawing practice

Well. Hello 😀

It has been so long since I posted anything where I talked a little. There was so much happening during those past few weeks or so. May is such a busy month. Anyways, all the projects are done. All seasonal responsibilities put aside. Its almost time for summer holidays and some nice fun drawings! Unfortunately, before doing anything I have to practice. To become a good artist that is all you can do. Draw day and night.

So I have decided to have an Artist timetable, to keep track of my progress and “evolution”. Hopefully I do get better. I think I will practice mostly: Gesture drawings, anatomy drawings, exercises drawings (copying masters), imaginative/original drawings and may be study drawings involving sea creatures/ Reptiles/etc. (Which should help with character concepts afterwards). A drawing everyday digital or traditional! Doesn’t matter as long as you draw. I might post up the timetable depending on how it goes.

With today’s post looks like its Gesture drawing Fridays! hehe

Gesture practice