That Selfie I mentioned ages ago…

Well, It is almost midnight and I still have nothing to show the world. Not exactly, but today was a lovely busy/lazy day. I haven’t gotten round to drawing anything… So, all I have to show you is that self portrait I was working on a while back. I know that by now I should have finished it… But it is harder that you think. This year has been awesome, and I am really growing up. I do not know what defines me, I am growing too fast… I guess in a way the unfinished painting does explain the concept.



Oil Painting is very interesting. Though.. I have been using that cheap oil painting I was given as a gift. I am way to afraid to use the actual expensive oil painting mum keeps for the special stuff. Was fun nonetheless. Loved it. I might finish it in October 🙂


Shared Painting of Random Words

Today was quite nice. I met Computer Arts students and got a paint something with a few of them. I think our team was awesome. We started fast, and all worked together 🙂 Our 2 Random words were: Firecracker and Drink. Once we had an idea it went rather fast and I loved seeing how everyone knew what they were doing, and just went for it.


My Cat’s Carrier…

Kieran absolutely hates his carrier. He has always been free, he does not wear a collar and never wore a leash in his life. Even if he is a 100% indoor cat when he was younger I did bring him out a bit. We played together in the grass and mum would keep her worried eyes on us. She would call us to get back in saying we had enough fun even though we were outside for like 5 minutes.

I have not been sketching or drawing lately, but after seeing kieran’s carrier I thought… lets make it more interesting. May be if I did his fancy portrait and a few fishes on it, he’ll end up liking it 😛


Forest Painting, Interesting experiment :3

Forest painting

Craig brought a big Canvas and loads of paint and I had absolutely no idea what to do with it. Just turned out that I felt creative today, and despite having 100 projects I’m involved in already, I thought I would try something new. My animation was rendering (Still is)- and I had nothing to do. So, after hearing my mom ask for a drawing I thought… wow. Such Idea. I might as well paint something with Craig’s stuff.

I’m not much into painting landscape. I usually do portraits or doodles/ Figure drawings and caricatures. But I’m satisfied of how it turned out anyway… How difficult could it be to paint trees? I mean. Seriously.

High School Paints…

Now that I think about it, I feel like High school involved quite a lot of “Paint”- I prefer using acrylics and I tend to find sketching and drawing easier than using paint. My feelings about “Painting” did not really matter at the time, because the project involved quite a lot of painting anyway, I found myself painting almost everyday of the week in this art class. Painting was not my forte but I was grateful about being exposed to it rather early ( I’m still grateful). I must say I got useful self-taught tips and loved sharing it with classmates who were amazed by my skills (If you ask me, my skills weren’t that great) but my friends would always admit that they were jealous.

Most of my high school projects involved portraiture, I always had an interest in facial expressions and different facial features ( I guess that would be the reason why I tend to spend ages when creating a character in games: Guild wars, Tera, Borderlands etc.) I know that I drew and painted my mom and my dad as well as my Nan, I also painted and drew my cat a lot at the time. It was a difficult period of my life and having my kitten at the time to cheer me on was a great plus (And I am sure that my cat will feature in many other posts on this Blog soon, he is the sun in this house.)


The advantages of my art classes in High school was having the possibility to use different drawing materials; paint, charcoal, colored pencils, pens, collage… etc. The teachers also made sure that you were always aware of the standard for all the assignments, which sorta did help. They make you try different things too, such as Still life, landscape and help you focus on the one you are good at.

At the time, I used to love making biographical comics too (which I might post later on here)- and portraiture was my thing so I never tried working on landscapes too much and I have to admit that this is my weak point. But, it is never too late to persevere!

🙂 I have to mention and say thanks to everyone who follows this blog! I hope that you have fun reading and seeing my artwork, and I also hope that you might find some of my tips useful! – See you in the next one!