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[Day 31 – Apicaday challenge]



This challenge is completed, a bit late but completed. I think that now I should just stick to “Weekly challenge”- Should not be too hard to complete. Hopefully, I sprout wings. I gain confidence and succeed for the up coming year. Hopefully my dreams come to life and my future self gets proud of my past one.

[Day 10 Apicaday Challenge]- Nostalgia

Just a few minutes ago, I found myself discussing the past with my hilarious parents. My dad mentioned how he had read something from today’s Newspaper that was about Pokemon. Quite frankly, I admitted not liking it anymore- wait! I have a simple explanation for this. In my childhood, I use to love Pokemon. Every morning before school my dad would buy cute little juice boxes that came with the Pokemon stickers, I collected them and traded them with my best childhood friend. [The new Pokemon is not the same as the old one T___T ]

So, what I am trying to say is: the word Pokemon just makes me remember those beautiful days. Trading those cards and buying those juice boxes was an important decision involving life and death (as a kid- because of Friendship). The recent Pokemon movies, anime, and games are just not the same. I understand why, but I just do not want to forget what “Pokemon” means to me.

I find myself not posting a picture that I have taken today(sigh) unfortunately, but I never mentioned rules for this challenge. Thus, I am posting one that was taken 2 years ago with the exact Best childhood friend that I am unable to forget. We are far apart and extremely different, but grew up as brothers and sisters. We might not meet for a while but I know that we will always meet with a smile.

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