DiGRA and FDG- Sketches

I was a volunteer at DiGRA and FDG for a couple of days in Dundee this week. It was the first Joint International Conference in Dundee, Scotland. The event was hosted by my University: Abertay University. 😀

I was really excited about seeing some of the presentations and lectures. It was really nice to be among humans with similar interests. Have them speak about Video Games, how they are made and all that good stuff.

Most of my time was spent at the registration desk where I would help the guests, lecturers and student check-in. During my free time, I would discreetly open my sketchbook and draw a few people that were hanging around the space.

(Btw I loved seeing people of different ages and cultures play Pokemon Go as well!)

So here are the drawings!



Why Magnus is special…

I do not care if someone calls me a crazy cat lady because by the end of the day you all have to accept a fact. The fact that my cat is freaking awesome and there is no possible way on earth that I would not love him. Quick Sketch of his poses and habits 😀IMG_20150907_203604

That Selfie I mentioned ages ago…

Well, It is almost midnight and I still have nothing to show the world. Not exactly, but today was a lovely busy/lazy day. I haven’t gotten round to drawing anything… So, all I have to show you is that self portrait I was working on a while back. I know that by now I should have finished it… But it is harder that you think. This year has been awesome, and I am really growing up. I do not know what defines me, I am growing too fast… I guess in a way the unfinished painting does explain the concept.



Oil Painting is very interesting. Though.. I have been using that cheap oil painting I was given as a gift. I am way to afraid to use the actual expensive oil painting mum keeps for the special stuff. Was fun nonetheless. Loved it. I might finish it in October 🙂

Why I think my Sketches look better than the final thing…

  1. There is just so much more energy and emotions in my sketches.
  2. All the ideas are roughly there, whether they’re good or bad, everyone sees and understands the concept
  3. They take far less time and hassle.
  4. I enjoy doing them and I don’t stress other it.
  5. I can ruin it any possible way I might want, its a sketch. I can experiment
  6. I can leave it half done with far less details and be so lazy about it.

You can find the final drawing here: https://axoupixou.wordpress.com/2015/08/15/august-eh-persevering/


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