DiGRA and FDG- Sketches

I was a volunteer at DiGRA and FDG for a couple of days in Dundee this week. It was the first Joint International Conference in Dundee, Scotland. The event was hosted by my University: Abertay University. 😀

I was really excited about seeing some of the presentations and lectures. It was really nice to be among humans with similar interests. Have them speak about Video Games, how they are made and all that good stuff.

Most of my time was spent at the registration desk where I would help the guests, lecturers and student check-in. During my free time, I would discreetly open my sketchbook and draw a few people that were hanging around the space.

(Btw I loved seeing people of different ages and cultures play Pokemon Go as well!)

So here are the drawings!



Back to Life Drawing

Great, so I just started doing life drawing again. I guess I was a little bit rusty. I found it a little bit hard to get all the proportions right. Hopefully next week i’m all warmed up. I have been drawing so much those past few days that I feel like my arm might just fall off at some point.

Examples of 30 secs movement drawings. Dynamic poses.

The first 2 warm up drawings (10mins)


Then the last one where we had a little more time for details and observational study.IMG_20150909_143627

Overall, I really liked it, it was nice to get back into it after this long… I think its been a few months since I did any kind of life drawing or still life, any observational drawing really. Anyway. I hope to improve much more this year 😀

eca figure sketches

And so I have a few Sketches; some with ink, some with pencil and random things. By “random” I mean, this teacher had me use rather strange things. I have been drawing with plastic forks, tree branches or twigs… and… It has been weird, but I did enjoy it. I missed traditional stuff… Digital will have to wait. 🙂




My last life drawing this term…



I’m wondering why we worked on oil on the last few weeks, because the texture is so interesting. I wasn’t sure… what was going on. This was made using oil pastels, which was really weird for me… we were using solvent to melt parts of the drawing as well…

Oh well, A+ for trying.

Anatomy practice Wednesday 7

So, I started those classes a while back, I remember mentioning it ( I think) The entire thing is about Figure drawing but with different techniques. So far, there were only female models (Not that I am complaining, that is what I draw best. I was just hoping to be thrown out of my comfort zone for a while) Anyway, So far the techniques we’ve been using involve Charcoal and graphite, we also used pencil once.

This drawing was focused on practicing tones and contrast/brightness. Which I thought was great since I had been practicing values with digital painting for a while now… It went well, I think it was difficult to forget contours and focus on tones and shapes as well as soft edges and hard edges… But I’m pretty satisfied with the results.