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from my pictures this week 🙂

landscape thumbnails


Nelson Mandela

Okay. I’ve been planning on doing a Nelson Mandela speed painting for a while now. I went to watch his Movie at the cinema with my parents and before that I did not know much about him [ashamed of myself]. At least, I knew he was a honorable man and that he was inspiring, strong, someone we should look up to. After seeing the movie I was amazed by his courage and wondered how he had the strength to forgive. Personally, I find “Forgiving” extremely difficult. I think its harder than apologizing. He is a great man. I wanted to remember that so I drew him 🙂 – I hope everyone else likes it too!

Watch the video here:

RIP Madiba. Peace maker.


Memoirs of a Geisha

While working on my college projects, I think having fun and practicing drawing is a must. There is plenty of things to do, this is where I would love to have a Tardis and be a time lord.

I’ve been wanting to practice my digital painting and made a list just for that, starting with some of my favorite actors and movies. Zhang Ziyi is one of my favorite actresses, so I decided to draw her this time 😀 . Here it is,

Zhang Ziyi2

I have got loads to do, and I think the painting speaks for itself. Check me out on deviantArt:
If you feel like seeing the process:

Please like and share, feedback is always welcome and if you have any suggestions and ideas, I’m all ears.

P.S The music is beautiful, I don’t want to hear it pp.

Sherlock Holmes.

I’ve finally made my choice after 2 weeks of procrastination. (WOOHOO) I have a project that involves Movies and TV series. In this project, a title sequence must be created from a movie or TV series of my choice. Took me ages, but I feel like going for Sherlock.


I got so damn inspired that last night I drew Benedict Cumberbatch. I have to admit that I am a massive fan of Sir Conan Doyle’s famous stories of Sherlock and having Benedict as Sherlock is AWEESOME :3 so. Sherlock it is!

See the process: