Random/From Memory Thursdays 1

Al right, I’ve been skipping Thursdays for a while now. Quite frankly I could not focus and figure out how to draw things. Its like learning too much and forgetting that you have enough skill to make your own art. Anywayz, this is not exactly “from memory”. There was a photograph on DeviantArt that I really liked, and I always wanted to draw it. What I did was study the photograph and then I drew it into my tiny A5 sketch book. Using mixed media and fun Abstract thoughts and art.

Consider this as a sketch, as practice. I understand how some people might say, “if you drew it from a photograph then it is not from memory”, but. The reason why I’m practising is: I have new beautiful frames for new and beautiful drawings. I will paint a similar figure for my beautiful frame and put it up on my beautiful wall because I am tired of doing things for my portfolio.