Acrylic paints

I’ve done this painting a while back, and I thought that sharing it this week would be a good idea.

(I have a ton of projects to work on. And I was not able to be extremely productive on the drawing/painting side of things.)



Scottish Landscapes




Used watercolor and Acrylics… Its mostly just experimenting. 😀 It is a lot of fun.

What I’ve done yesterday…

I wanted to post something everyday, but I came home so late last night from my art course I couldn’t put up what I had been working on. Anyways, looks like the teachers there are also helping me with my value studies, just so happens that I was not in a very good spot, the light was behind the model and the values were not varying. At some point, I went all crazy with the paint, exaggerating contrasts and highlights out of frustration. By the end though, the teacher came up to me and started explaining that what I was doing was not part of the exercise and I better smooth down my values etc… And so I did. ¬_¬ URgh… It became neutral and flat but the teacher was okay with it I guess.



It had been a while since I used acrylics as well, so I tried to enjoy this task the best I could. It was quite interesting to use only 2 colors and white. For the pros out there it may not be interesting (they probably know about it already) but I liked the colors we used.