Anatomy Sketches/ Quick Studies

I’ve been looking for new websites to practice my gesture and anatomy sketches. The website I am use too does not have that big of a choice when it comes to pictures, so you sometimes do end up drawing the same things over and over… But here are my last ones 🙂IMG_20150831_010841 IMG_20150831_010848 IMG_20150831_010857


John Sargent – Master study Tuesday 5

sargent ex


Alright, so it is quite obvious that his white sections are brighter than mines. But so far is it a pretty good job. I think the girl’s posture might have been something harder to draw out, her face seems bigger and the perspective of her left shoulder makes it harder to place the head specifically where needed. Anyways, I think my progress is visible now. From my first ever study that is 😛

Silhouette Gesture drawing practice

Well. Hello 😀

It has been so long since I posted anything where I talked a little. There was so much happening during those past few weeks or so. May is such a busy month. Anyways, all the projects are done. All seasonal responsibilities put aside. Its almost time for summer holidays and some nice fun drawings! Unfortunately, before doing anything I have to practice. To become a good artist that is all you can do. Draw day and night.

So I have decided to have an Artist timetable, to keep track of my progress and “evolution”. Hopefully I do get better. I think I will practice mostly: Gesture drawings, anatomy drawings, exercises drawings (copying masters), imaginative/original drawings and may be study drawings involving sea creatures/ Reptiles/etc. (Which should help with character concepts afterwards). A drawing everyday digital or traditional! Doesn’t matter as long as you draw. I might post up the timetable depending on how it goes.

With today’s post looks like its Gesture drawing Fridays! hehe

Gesture practice