What I thought of Rayman Legends

Now, seriously this game is awesome. I cannot find any other better movie, game or anime to begin my new “Review posts”.

One of my friends suggested to play the game, I must admit I was not very interested in the name at first, I had never heard of it before and was convinced that it would be just one of these “other games” that my friend seem to be obsessed with. A couple of weeks afterwards, I invited that same friend over to mine’s. He started to transfer all sorts of games and 3D things for the animations we are to work on and I could not just sit at my PC and not tidy up the folders and the files off my desktop… I got curious and Pp (My Bestie), was talking about how the game use to be great and that this one was the new one that just came out.

I began to play.

The thing that I immediately loved the most were the drawings, graphics and simple animations. I am aware that the target audience would probably be children, the colors are bright and the characters are pretty cute (Barbara is my favorite)- OMG I love Barbara. Did I tell you that I love Barbara? Here is a drawing of her I did using a wacom tablet (for the first time):


Of course it is not finished but woah… that Wacom tablet is DAH BOMB. Anyway, this is not a Wacom tablet review.

So the Art, Graphics, animations and the game play are not the only awesome things in this game and I know a lot of peeps would agree. The music is amazing too. For example:

I also love the adventurous feel to it; as well as the detailed sound effects and the character designs. I would love to work on a game like that one some day and when I have kids one day I will definitely make them play Rayman Legends. It is an advantage as well to have checkpoints all over the place, it helps you complete the level with a bit of satisfaction even if you have to try over and over again.

The only disadvantage I would point out is not having a co-op gamelay online, for example; my besty and I are not living in the same country and we love playing co-op games together, and having to play this awesome game separately is heartbreaking.

So that is it for my Rayman Legends review!


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