I want myself to know…

That I did draw yesterday. I just didn’t have the chance to post it. I swear I have not let you down. We went to visit the beach :3








Figure Drawing- Raw linseed oil

What a cool experiment :)!! I loved it.

I went in class today and saw the teacher playing about with thick paint brushes and some kind of “paint”? I later find out that its oil. I was not excited about it at first, the worry was occupying my face. After getting all my tools, boards and cloths, that was when the fun began!!

We started off by covering the entire piece of paper with the raw oil evenly, and I started touching and moving the oil around with my hands to understand what I should and could do… ( The girl next to me was wearing the most disgusted expression : ” I’m next to a pig!” xD jk, but it was quite funny to see how she was wondering what I was up to) I like it though, its an interesting medium.



I couldn’t get a better picture, I couldn’t bring the art piece at home 😦 but hopefully you get the idea

Inktober? WHAT!

Every Artist have been talking about inktober and I had no idea something like that existed D: I felt so left out!!! I had to try a few techniques! I always wanted to draw with ink and pens etc.. ( My interest in making a comic drives me this far) but I’m still just starting out so I didn’t go into much details while doing gesture drawings.

ink tober

But I’m getting there! My obsession with Armor is so strong… COLLECT ALL THE GEARS! Anyway, I’ve been playing Guild wars 2 for a while now, I’ve had my eyes on good looking gears for a while (PP calls it playing with my Barbies)- I had to try drawing out the armor this week since its inktober!

Random/From Memory Thursdays 1

Al right, I’ve been skipping Thursdays for a while now. Quite frankly I could not focus and figure out how to draw things. Its like learning too much and forgetting that you have enough skill to make your own art. Anywayz, this is not exactly “from memory”. There was a photograph on DeviantArt that I really liked, and I always wanted to draw it. What I did was study the photograph and then I drew it into my tiny A5 sketch book. Using mixed media and fun Abstract thoughts and art.

Consider this as a sketch, as practice. I understand how some people might say, “if you drew it from a photograph then it is not from memory”, but. The reason why I’m practising is: I have new beautiful frames for new and beautiful drawings. I will paint a similar figure for my beautiful frame and put it up on my beautiful wall because I am tired of doing things for my portfolio.