Cats On Mars Series for Sale!!!

I have Paintings for sale on Etsy 🙂 Check them out! They are limited editions, There is only 15 left!

for sale


Acrylic paints

I’ve done this painting a while back, and I thought that sharing it this week would be a good idea.

(I have a ton of projects to work on. And I was not able to be extremely productive on the drawing/painting side of things.)


That Selfie I mentioned ages ago…

Well, It is almost midnight and I still have nothing to show the world. Not exactly, but today was a lovely busy/lazy day. I haven’t gotten round to drawing anything… So, all I have to show you is that self portrait I was working on a while back. I know that by now I should have finished it… But it is harder that you think. This year has been awesome, and I am really growing up. I do not know what defines me, I am growing too fast… I guess in a way the unfinished painting does explain the concept.



Oil Painting is very interesting. Though.. I have been using that cheap oil painting I was given as a gift. I am way to afraid to use the actual expensive oil painting mum keeps for the special stuff. Was fun nonetheless. Loved it. I might finish it in October 🙂

Shared Painting of Random Words

Today was quite nice. I met Computer Arts students and got a paint something with a few of them. I think our team was awesome. We started fast, and all worked together 🙂 Our 2 Random words were: Firecracker and Drink. Once we had an idea it went rather fast and I loved seeing how everyone knew what they were doing, and just went for it.


Forest Painting, Interesting experiment :3

Forest painting

Craig brought a big Canvas and loads of paint and I had absolutely no idea what to do with it. Just turned out that I felt creative today, and despite having 100 projects I’m involved in already, I thought I would try something new. My animation was rendering (Still is)- and I had nothing to do. So, after hearing my mom ask for a drawing I thought… wow. Such Idea. I might as well paint something with Craig’s stuff.

I’m not much into painting landscape. I usually do portraits or doodles/ Figure drawings and caricatures. But I’m satisfied of how it turned out anyway… How difficult could it be to paint trees? I mean. Seriously.