1.My day. Today


Today was hectic.

I woke up “rather” late, I did not hear my alarm clock’s piercing cries because I ended up all wrapped up in my warm bed at some point during the night. What actually woke me up was the cat and the mom, yelling and notifying me about the time and the troubles that awaited me- And so, my lazy self eventually managed to get out of bed. WOOSH! I stormed through the corridor and took the fastest shower a girl could ever take- dressed up- ate up- grabbed everything and just walked out. At that point everything went very quick, I ran in the stairs, to a shop, bought a top up for the phone, ran again to cross the road and finally got to the bus stop. The sudden pause there made me feel like a chocolate melting and relaxing under pressure and heat [Actually, it was freezing]. I did not have much time to catch up with my breath, but I knew that the bus journey would be relaxing- no worries there.

I got to the college eventually. Entered the classroom, prepared everything for the last Life drawing class. When we’re doing a life drawing class time always flies- before I knew it I was in the car driven by Ali, back to the other college campus with Craig and Andrew. The rest of the day consisted of Green screen and filming, it was intense and a lot of fun too. I feel too tired to write anymore stuff… so… Good NIGHT :3



Life drawing week 7 {Last week}

Yay, colored pastels.

I was not feeling great on that day, but my drawings did turn out pretty good. I thought that this whole Charcoal thing was not too helpful; because it does not demonstrate a varied use of different materials. Don’t get me wrong though, I love charcoal. Charcoal is a great material to work with, there are different types: Soft, Thick, thin, hard.. etc. They even vary in Brands. Which basically tells you that you could create whatever you what with whatever.



I was just very excited about adding some colors into the drawings. 🙂 and it turned out awesome!!


IMG_17012I heard that this was the last life drawing class, but there is going to be more interesting drawings on here I promise! 😀


Life Drawing week 6


For some reason the class started a bit later than usual and my bus was delayed so I was feeling alright about this. There is just something that bothered me quite a lot on that day… The Charcoal!- It was so soft and it did not stick to the paper at all. It was difficult to keep the shape of the drawing on there and it was also difficult to emphasize the form and shadows on the body.

The advantage I find with this charcoal is that, it is very easy to erase any mistake. The job of the artist is not to complain about the material he is using but to change his own style to match the material.. So, I tried my best when doing the movement studies to use the charcoal to my advantage- Blur it around to show movement/ possible movements. Also have fun with the round plastic plates we were given to trace out the curves. Fun. Fun. Fun.
IMG_17032I did not take any pictures of my round plate 😦 awh, I would have liked to show you how awesome my round plate’s personality was. Anyway. I am going to upload my last week at this life drawing class tomorrow. I had better materials and some colors included in them so stay tuned!IMG_17042


Life drawing week 5

We’ve been having models weekly and it was always different and interesting in its very own way. But the 5th week was quite unusual as the our model never turned up. The lecturer was posing and often asked for volunteers and also included  mannequins into the exercises- I found it hard to keep my attention throughout the entire class. Drawing mannequins let us be honest, it really is terribly boring- I got so bored that I ended up drawing the entire classroom. Drawing figures with clothes on is way harder as well, the body shape gets harder to understand and the drawing might turn up a bit strange. Nonetheless, it was a good exercise. I made sure I caught my classmates and lecturers characteristics into the quick sketches. I’m quite satisfied with them 🙂




Life Drawing week 4


I turned up a few minutes late, just because I took a different bus and had trouble finding my way to the college. It was fine, I sort of made it at an appropriate time. The only problem was that everyone had already started drawing and stuff… and a pose usually doesn’t last more than 15mins I had to install my clumsy self at the very far end of the classroom(fast), if I really wanted to catch all the poses.

I went as fast as Flash, and was able to get the proportions and everything right… I was impressed with myself.


I really liked drawing the models hair, and her long legs. It might make you think that I didn’t get the proportions right but nope… It is accurate. 😉 Enjoy!



I had more drawings done. I am uploading them onto deviant art so, if you really feel like seeing more of these: http://axoupixouhou.deviantart.com/

Here you go! ^_^


This is something I never really got worried about, I mean of course I got a bit frustrated when my drawings look nothing like what I imagined it but you get to practice and improve and understand your style.

Every Physical Body is different, some might have a long necks others might have a bigger head, etc.. etc. We all have things we love about ourselves and things that we would like to change, technically half of our body is not identical to the other half, just like our face. So, “Proportions” I feel are not that important… because we are all different and all sorts of shapes and forms exist- I even feel like imperfection is sometimes way more beautiful than Perfection itself, so you are never forced to use the same measurements.

But Something proportionate does appeal to the eye, this is just how our brain works. (If something looks imperfect our brain might work by itself and fix it.)- So here is what our classroom got to learn!


It does help to sketch a human body down.


I feel like this Blog post is not anything new, all artists must know that technique and if they do not they must have some other way of drawing perfect human beings, but I somehow promised that I would post something everyday :). It is going to be hard and I want to give tips and tricks to anyone who wants to learn and stuff.

Thanks for following the Blog, I hope that posts like these will not bore you too much!


Gesture Drawings Evolution P2

Last time we were practicing gesture drawings it was way more fun. It got me wondering why the teacher did not show us this technique before (even if I did see it before but never got in a situation to use it). It is the beans technique!

My last Gesture drawings were done in either 30 seconds or 2 minutes and I believe that the beans take more time to sketch down ( for some reason I did not time this one out.. urgh!)- I am not convinced that the movement is alive in the “Beans” technique, but I do feel that the shape and form is accentuated.

Gesture drawing P2 one

 Gesture drawing P2 two

Even if the “Beans” technique does not show the present “movement” of the human body, it shows the possibilities of how it could bend and eventually move (If that makes any sense at all), I feel like you could draw the pose and slightly change the beans position while keeping the proportion and slowly get an animation. From this technique I love how it is easy to get a nice shape and form. I hope I get to practice this soon again! >_<

Earlier stage: https://axoupixou.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/gesture-drawings-evolution-p1/?preview=true&preview_id=84&preview_nonce=09957c9054&post_format=standard