#Inktober2016- Jump

How cute is it? 😀img_20161010_155514


Why Magnus is special…

I do not care if someone calls me a crazy cat lady because by the end of the day you all have to accept a fact. The fact that my cat is freaking awesome and there is no possible way on earth that I would not love him. Quick Sketch of his poses and habits 😀IMG_20150907_203604

My Cat’s Carrier…

Kieran absolutely hates his carrier. He has always been free, he does not wear a collar and never wore a leash in his life. Even if he is a 100% indoor cat when he was younger I did bring him out a bit. We played together in the grass and mum would keep her worried eyes on us. She would call us to get back in saying we had enough fun even though we were outside for like 5 minutes.

I have not been sketching or drawing lately, but after seeing kieran’s carrier I thought… lets make it more interesting. May be if I did his fancy portrait and a few fishes on it, he’ll end up liking it 😛


Thank you Friends and Peeps.

Yes, I ended up not drawing today. But there is a lot going on all other the place. My FaceBook Page is slowly growing and a lot of you here are supporting me too with a couple of nice comments here and there.

I also have a Patreon account, it may be a little clumsy here and there but I have a Patron and that is really nice.

What I have not mentioned here is that you can also buy my Art as Greeting cards on Etsy. I just opened my shop. If you want to wish a happy Birthday to someone, or wish someone else good luck or even congratulate or encourage anyone!! The cards are there and you get to choose!!!


Good night Beautiful peeps! 🙂 and thank you again.