#Inktober2016- Lost and Stone

Day 7 and Day 8- I have so many sketch books, it is hard to keep track xDimg_20161009_004500img_20161009_004521


Mermay- CDChallenge

Monthly character design challenge! Originally I had a different Idea, but Photoshop was acting up and I decided to improvised. Starting over with a different style.


I was born on a tropical island and would often go swimming, there were a lot of different creatures. Some more colourful than others, and some despite their beauty were terribly dangerous. For example the purple urchins, are so cute and beautiful. Step on them and get stabbed x) haha!

Here’s the video process: Click here!

Lady Lyelle

Aaaaand I have a new character on Guild wars 2 that I intend to keep. I was not so keen on having a Mesmer, everyone else around me though seemed to love them to bits. I had nothing to do in the game and so I decided to create a character that looked a bit like me. My body looks a lot like a norn’s and so I thought let’s start there.

I soon found out that it was my main character’s birthday and they offered a “Make over kit”- I thought I would use it on my Mesmer and change a few things since she didn’t look very much like me anyway. By the end of the creation, the “Make over”- I had transformed her completely and realized she looked nothing like me. But I loved the hair color and the white eyes.

Mesmers have illusions, and so… Which one is real?