MOAR and MOAR Gesture drawings….

This quest for perfection is never ending. But hey. I jazzed it up a bit by trying drawing some of them in 30 seconds.

P1000404 P1000405 P1000406 P1000407 P1000408 P1000409


Back to where we started..

IMG_1871 IMG_1872 IMG_1873 IMG_1874 IMG_1875

I have not really been drawing the past few weeks, mainly my sleeping patterns went haywire. I also had this drama thing going on. Also trying to learn driving theory thingies, unity and flash thingies. I have been reading a lot too, finished two books, and yadida di da. I don’t understand, I mean I clearly told myself that I would focus on my drawing and “finding my style”, I also thought I’d be doing my projects and I cannot seem to concentrate. This is why we are back to square one. Figure drawing. Honestly, I do not know how to feel about all this. Gesture drawing is boring but so important.

Gesture Drawings Evolution P1

Not always fun huh?

Our class has to draw one gesture in 30 seconds, if you happen to find a pose that you like you are aloud 2 minutes but lets be honest some of the poses are not always appealing and having to draw different poses every 30 seconds in an hour and 30 minutes… Its frustrating (at times)

Don’t misunderstand me though. I love figure drawing, I love finding interesting shapes and movement in a human body. I’m just not always satisfied of the outcome, and I can be very hard on myself when I’m not liking my drawings.

But I’m here to compare my gesture drawings from last year to “the now”. As well as suggesting tutorials and things to help anyone else who might have trouble with gesture drawings. ( hehehe, I’ll make you a pro.) The drawings below are last years’;

1 2

3 4

So, the drawings (at the top) are 30 seconds sketches. (The poses were taken from Posemaniacs is a great website, when you need practice for gesture drawings or even as references (If you are Illustrating something) It has everything, so it is a good idea to consider practicing what is not your forte. (For example I tend to have trouble with foreshortening, and practicing foreshortening helps me draw faster when I encounter a difficult pose)

These were my 2 minutes sketches from last year:

5 6 7

You can see the difference between them two quite clearly: there is more details, more shape, it even has a 3D feel to it… (at least I think so- even without any shading)

This years’!

Okay, I’d say that you can see the movement better. (I chose to become an Artist, and Animator. So I need to capture movement) They are more sketchy and some of the figures even started to lose their shape. (“some”) – I tend to focus on the shape a lot and I got told not to focus on the “contour” but the actual movement. This type of exercise is good for everyone basically (just draw stick mans and vary your pencil’s pressure depending on the shadows/ etc.).

1 - Copy   2 3 - Copy   4 5 - Copy

Most of these poses come from, I would encourage anyone who would like to practice life drawing or figure drawing to go on there. It is free, and you can test yourself by setting the timer (30 seconds/ 2 minutes)- you can also choose the gender, Nudes, or “decent”- just whatever makes you comfortable when creating your masterpieces.

Now, these are not all my gesture drawings. If you get involved in gesture drawing for hours you might need a lot of paper, a lot of sketch books. So be prepared

If you still need help I suggest to watch Sycra’s tutorial, I really like watching his videos and I find some of the tutorials very helpful. :3

phew :3