An Oil Painting of Magnus on cardboard

You can be my Dorian and I can be your Basil. What do you say?


 What do you mean?




Creature/Animal Study- Owl

I think I did fairly well last year by having a few animal studies and master’s studies as well as fan art and gesture practice. I took a few weeks off of course but hopefully now I can get back to practicing. I’ve been loving owls lately, they are strange spirits, I heard one hooting from time to time (There is probably one around my house) but hopefully I also get to complete my Spirit animal illustration I have been working on before Christmas… ¬_¬” Festivities… oh well.

owls study

Anatomy practice Wednesday 7

So, I started those classes a while back, I remember mentioning it ( I think) The entire thing is about Figure drawing but with different techniques. So far, there were only female models (Not that I am complaining, that is what I draw best. I was just hoping to be thrown out of my comfort zone for a while) Anyway, So far the techniques we’ve been using involve Charcoal and graphite, we also used pencil once.

This drawing was focused on practicing tones and contrast/brightness. Which I thought was great since I had been practicing values with digital painting for a while now… It went well, I think it was difficult to forget contours and focus on tones and shapes as well as soft edges and hard edges… But I’m pretty satisfied with the results.


Master’s Study Tuesday 2

Here is my master’s Study for today. I was unable to complete it (because it was sunny and I went to hang out with my mom) but I at least drew and learnt something from the sculpture of Giambologna. I think this sculpture is very impressive, it has so much details on the muscles of the human body. The emotions displayed on the faces of the figures are so intricate as well. Its amazing.


Master’s Study Tuesday 1

I had something else planned for today, I was going to draw digitally. But digital painting (in my case) asks for a lot of time and patience, I have been missing sketching and drawing traditionally as well. So, I thought may be I could just draw something real quick. It is a sculpture from Aristide Joseph Bonaventure Maillol,  who was a sculptor, a painter and a print maker. I find sculptures fascinating, to be able to reproduce something in 2D is already awesome, now in 3D its even better 😉IMG_1186