I went to see Suicide Squad last week, and since I ran out of ideas. I thought I would do a rough sketch. I also have a new awesome gadget. So…



Designing a Book Cover

Designing a book cover in just a couple of hours is just the hardest thing. But it was fun 🙂

What made it even harder was that I picked “Catcher in the Rye” to illustrate. ¬_¬ oh my god, I could not choose what to draw or paint. But After a while I had made up my mind. I wanted to include a cliff, a field of Rye and the main character from the book as well as his red hat. 🙂

IMG_20150515_183545 IMG_20150515_183612 IMG_20150515_183628 IMG_20150515_183653

eca figure sketches

And so I have a few Sketches; some with ink, some with pencil and random things. By “random” I mean, this teacher had me use rather strange things. I have been drawing with plastic forks, tree branches or twigs… and… It has been weird, but I did enjoy it. I missed traditional stuff… Digital will have to wait. 🙂





Alright so I spent most of this week as a night owl and I’m saying it proudly. Next week will be a busy one so I thought it didn’t matter to live life as an owl this week. While catching up on different series and movies I decided to sketch and I made… THIS! It is a random portrait with abstract shapes and stylized cross hatching.

Somehow it reminds me that I have to keep experimenting and having fun, which I have not been doing much with Art lately.







Creature/Animal Study- Owl

I think I did fairly well last year by having a few animal studies and master’s studies as well as fan art and gesture practice. I took a few weeks off of course but hopefully now I can get back to practicing. I’ve been loving owls lately, they are strange spirits, I heard one hooting from time to time (There is probably one around my house) but hopefully I also get to complete my Spirit animal illustration I have been working on before Christmas… ¬_¬” Festivities… oh well.

owls study

John Sargent – Master study Tuesday 5

sargent ex


Alright, so it is quite obvious that his white sections are brighter than mines. But so far is it a pretty good job. I think the girl’s posture might have been something harder to draw out, her face seems bigger and the perspective of her left shoulder makes it harder to place the head specifically where needed. Anyways, I think my progress is visible now. From my first ever study that is 😛