Life Drawing week 6


For some reason the class started a bit later than usual and my bus was delayed so I was feeling alright about this. There is just something that bothered me quite a lot on that day… The Charcoal!- It was so soft and it did not stick to the paper at all. It was difficult to keep the shape of the drawing on there and it was also difficult to emphasize the form and shadows on the body.

The advantage I find with this charcoal is that, it is very easy to erase any mistake. The job of the artist is not to complain about the material he is using but to change his own style to match the material.. So, I tried my best when doing the movement studies to use the charcoal to my advantage- Blur it around to show movement/ possible movements. Also have fun with the round plastic plates we were given to trace out the curves. Fun. Fun. Fun.
IMG_17032I did not take any pictures of my round plate 😦 awh, I would have liked to show you how awesome my round plate’s personality was. Anyway. I am going to upload my last week at this life drawing class tomorrow. I had better materials and some colors included in them so stay tuned!IMG_17042



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