Magnus’ Lullaby

I have decided to have a little fun this year by participating to the different drawing competitions I find online (when I have a bit of free time). This semester at uni involved very little drawing and everybody knows how that really annoyed me… >:[

Now, I am aware that its deadline season and there are a lot of things I need to work on but after seeing the drawing competition from “Draw with Jazza” on Youtube, I could not sit and do nothing.

The competition was all about drawing a scene with our pets and everyone knows how I love to draw my pet Kieran! I am not home much nowadays because Uni takes most of my time. I felt like I had to draw something. Of course, I did not have much time to prepare, I might post a video process of this drawing later in the month. It was inspired by one of my older sketches from last year.

Magnus is my beautiful tabby cat. He (almost) always sleeps with me when I spend time at home. He has been here through all my hard times ever since I moved to Scotland. My little fluffy Sun.

Here is the final piece:

Kieran sketch


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