NEoN Digital Festival- 2 – Ah-Bin Shim

I’ve been out today, mostly for classes but the Highlight of the day was visiting the Hannah Maclure Centre. There is an exhibition there at the moment which is really intriguing.

Ah-Bin Shim’s Art might seem simple but it is very deep. I feel like it has the Buddhist philosophy and communicates strong feelings that everyone can relate to.

The Art is sincere and humble. It uses technology that we are familiar with to demonstrate our feelings towards the world and our surroundings, of course the art can be interpreted different ways but this is how I feel about them and what I think about them as well.


The idea is simple and I prefer when people think for themselves. Look at the image above and tell me what you think and feel. Personally, I like to think of a small phrase it might just illustrate. ” Instead of blaming the world for your sadness and anger, check to see if you aren’t the one holding yourself back”


Look at things in different angles. Enjoy life. There is a solution to every problem.


People do not achieve things in one straight line, they live. they make mistakes and they struggle towards success. Do not feel sad for not having a perfect life. Just keep moving forward. When you reach the top, no one will know of your struggles.




Virtual reality makes us happy only for a short time. So make sure you are having a healthy lifestyle, one that is not just based on illusions and pixels.


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