August eh?- Persevering

August has always been one of those busiest months :). Friends came over, we celebrated my birthday, we celebrated the warm weather of Edinburgh. We also had a lot of fun at the festival :D. There is always a festival in August here. The streets are swarmed with tourists and the most poplar streets are impossible to walk in. There are so many performances that you struggle choosing which one you would like to see. This year was special though, I was involved in it with a beautiful show, deep and emotional… I really enjoyed performing in it. I feel like, I started out so afraid but ended up a bit more grown up. Below is a doodle to remind me of this year; Persevere.


I met very talented people with great ideas and strong personalities. Unfortunately though, I will not be able to participate again 🙂 But I am grateful for the great experience. Thank you.




One thought on “August eh?- Persevering

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