Brief discussion on Pencils, Values and Color Palettes + My Plan.

Alright, I’ve been drawing digitally for about a year now. I have always been drawing but digital painting is quite different, somehow. I’ve had the chance to experiment with brushes, work on my values (Light and dark) and honestly I feel like I am ready to tackle the next thing; which is: Color Palettes.

So far, I am still tumbling around trying to find my style and my colors.

this one

Last week during my Botanical Illustration Class, the teacher was talking about pencils and how dark some could go and how light others could go to as well. We also discussed on cross hatching and.. basically it is all the beginner stuff. It got me thinking that I have a good knowledge of all that. And it might just be a sign that I should really find my color palette and style now. This probably involves a lot more “Master studies” and Original work, as well as practice of “things I enjoy drawing the most”.

1. Find Artists with Cool Palettes

2.Practice Practice Practice.

If you are just starting out, I would suggest experimenting with your pencils. Work in Black and white for a while to understand shape/Form, light and shadows. The next step would be choosing your colors carefully, and finding your unique “Art”


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