Figure Drawing- Raw linseed oil

What a cool experiment :)!! I loved it.

I went in class today and saw the teacher playing about with thick paint brushes and some kind of “paint”? I later find out that its oil. I was not excited about it at first, the worry was occupying my face. After getting all my tools, boards and cloths, that was when the fun began!!

We started off by covering the entire piece of paper with the raw oil evenly, and I started touching and moving the oil around with my hands to understand what I should and could do… ( The girl next to me was wearing the most disgusted expression : ” I’m next to a pig!” xD jk, but it was quite funny to see how she was wondering what I was up to) I like it though, its an interesting medium.



I couldn’t get a better picture, I couldn’t bring the art piece at home 😦 but hopefully you get the idea


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