What I’ve done yesterday…

I wanted to post something everyday, but I came home so late last night from my art course I couldn’t put up what I had been working on. Anyways, looks like the teachers there are also helping me with my value studies, just so happens that I was not in a very good spot, the light was behind the model and the values were not varying. At some point, I went all crazy with the paint, exaggerating contrasts and highlights out of frustration. By the end though, the teacher came up to me and started explaining that what I was doing was not part of the exercise and I better smooth down my values etc… And so I did. ¬_¬ URgh… It became neutral and flat but the teacher was okay with it I guess.



It had been a while since I used acrylics as well, so I tried to enjoy this task the best I could. It was quite interesting to use only 2 colors and white. For the pros out there it may not be interesting (they probably know about it already) but I liked the colors we used.



One thought on “What I’ve done yesterday…

  1. Value studies dude! It’s the way to go.
    Looking pretty good anyway, remember to think about the body as simple forms and the planes of those forms- side plane, front plane etc. it’s value change that describes form change. You know this tho.
    big ups.

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