Loki Sketch

I’m still working on value studies, got a bit tired of the “Master’s Study”. I started this sketch a while ago, just a few seconds before photoshop decided not to work anymore. Anyways, I tried to improve it. But. I have to move onto another thing :3 for a character concept competition! ciao ciao



One thought on “Loki Sketch

  1. I know how you feel with the master studies. I recently burned out after number 12. I still plan to complete 20 this year as I have learned more doing them than any other exercise. Just keep in mind its a study not a copy! Take your time with them, there is no rush. I would love to see you take one of these to a really well refined and polished stage. Even if its just one small area of the painting. The longest I spent on one study was about 16 hours and I still need to do a final pass on tightening up values as well as all the hard, lost and soft edges. Anyway, I will get off my high horse. You are right, you need to mix it up with imagination stuff so good luck with the contest! Looking forward to seeing more…
    PS. Heres Noah Bradleys master study video with various approaches

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