John Sargent – Master study Tuesday 5

sargent ex


Alright, so it is quite obvious that his white sections are brighter than mines. But so far is it a pretty good job. I think the girl’s posture might have been something harder to draw out, her face seems bigger and the perspective of her left shoulder makes it harder to place the head specifically where needed. Anyways, I think my progress is visible now. From my first ever study that is 😛


One thought on “John Sargent – Master study Tuesday 5

  1. Yeah, excellent progress indeed. Well done, your hard work is paying off!

    Only crit would be to tighten up or soften those edges where needed – check the transition from light to dark on the book..You could use a ‘path’ or lasso to make a selection and get a really sharp hard edge on that! Would really make it pop out. Also just watch the super soft transitions under the chin and on the forehead etc. You can always just do one more pass with the soft brush to nail those areas before you save it!

    Anyway, dont take these as negative comments, i just have a fresh eye so thought I would share. Again. Your progress is impressive and inspiring. Keep it up!

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