Hello. How are you? ;)

Hello fellow Artists, lately a lot of creative beings have been following and liking my posts which I deeply appreciate. I read everything, I have a look at your pages too. Leave comments, tell me about your opinions. I will definitely hear you out and answer back!

Welcome to my little Art Corner where I share and talk about Art mostly from animations to comic books and simple illustrations/sketches.

I am trying to have at least a post each day on this Blog and I have not really communicated to the world about how I felt about art recently. Quite frankly, it is difficult to be at the standard I would like to be at, because art is something that you need to practice and practice everyday to get VERY good at. I am trying my best to improve but sometimes feel like the progress is way to slow. But I will not give up and you should not either!

I have a few Artists to talk to you about! I have discovered them on Deviant Art this week and feel it would be great to share their work on here and tell you guys about them. (Just in case you did not know about them). Please to check them out:

Art by Namecchan

Art by aditya777


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