Master’s Study Tuesday 1

I had something else planned for today, I was going to draw digitally. But digital painting (in my case) asks for a lot of time and patience, I have been missing sketching and drawing traditionally as well. So, I thought may be I could just draw something real quick. It is a sculpture from Aristide Joseph Bonaventure Maillol,  who was a sculptor, a painter and a print maker. I find sculptures fascinating, to be able to reproduce something in 2D is already awesome, now in 3D its even better 😉IMG_1186


5 thoughts on “Master’s Study Tuesday 1

  1. Good job, I really like how you have rendered the forms. Sculptures are great to work from. Recommend visiting the portrait gallery on queen street armed with a sketchbook. They have a great selection of busts and other sculptures.
    Crit wise- Just watch your proportions and line weight 😉 the lower legs look a wee bit short maybe? Keep it up!

  2. Sorry for banging on but just checked the ref and the thing that jumps out the most to me are the legs with most weight on them. Just for the future think about the angle of pelvis vs angle of shoulders. It’s quite subtle in the ref and you pretty much nailed it, but you cd try pushing that aspect. Remember your gesture drawing? you could try a light and loose gesture pass before solidifying forms and anatomy etc? Just tell me to shut up if this annoying 🙂

    • x) Its not annoying! I do appreciate the feedback, I think going to the portrait Gallery is a great idea. I might try it next! And, yes I agree that the legs look rather short and rather “big” for the figures, somehow that is what I got from my reference picture. I kept wondering why the proportions seemed strange but never changed it. To be honest I forgot about the “thicker darkened places to emphasize weight” I just went round the drawing heavily to make it look 3D. I don’t know if it makes sense. But yeah, Gesture drawings are on Fridays 😉 I might try it then!

  3. Yeah I suppose what I was getting at was perhaps you could try to start with gesture then begin to build the structure over that? Just something to try in the future? This is still a great drawing!
    Have you seen the Steve Huston lectures on youtube? Quite dodgy quality but some of the best art instruction I have seen. Esp on the illusive subject of gesture!

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