Why/How the Artist timetable!

Well, If you want to get good in Art. It is all about that old saying we hear everyone talking about:


You hear every good artist saying that they had to practice and draw/doodle everyday. The more you practice, the more chances you get in developing a dictionary of references in your head which then helps you breakdown drawings/concepts to be able to draw them faster and easier! I feel that I am definitely improving, it might feel slow but I feel confident that next year I’ll be much better!



I feel like sharing my timetable on my blog now. So if anyone wants to join in and practice they CAN!


Creature/Animal Study (Sketches of animals or plants/insects etc…)- Helpful for character concepts


Masters Study (Copy a painting/drawing of a professional)- Learn new techniques (Composition, lighting, shapes/forms etc.)


Anatomy Practice ( Learn where the muscles are, the bone structure on the body etc)- Helpful again for character concepts/portraits etc.


From Memory Sketch (Demonstrate that you have learnt/remembered something)- Combine your ideas with whatever you remember (DO NOT USE REFERENCES ON THURSDAYS!)


 Gesture Drawing (Practice gesture drawing to get use to body movement and shapes etc) Relaxing Fridays/Passive learning


Self Portrait Project (Draw yourself each week varying the styles/ideas/emotions etc.)


Relaxing days nothing has to be done. If you insist on drawing: From imagination day!


2 thoughts on “Why/How the Artist timetable!

  1. Excellent idea. I am looking forward to seeing your progress Axl. Good idea taking Sunday off. If you do anything, try experimenting with something you haven’t done before. As time goes on you should start to recognise where your weaknesses are and I think that working more on those is really important. Well done getting organised. its inspiring to see!

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