Silhouette Gesture drawing practice

Well. Hello 😀

It has been so long since I posted anything where I talked a little. There was so much happening during those past few weeks or so. May is such a busy month. Anyways, all the projects are done. All seasonal responsibilities put aside. Its almost time for summer holidays and some nice fun drawings! Unfortunately, before doing anything I have to practice. To become a good artist that is all you can do. Draw day and night.

So I have decided to have an Artist timetable, to keep track of my progress and “evolution”. Hopefully I do get better. I think I will practice mostly: Gesture drawings, anatomy drawings, exercises drawings (copying masters), imaginative/original drawings and may be study drawings involving sea creatures/ Reptiles/etc. (Which should help with character concepts afterwards). A drawing everyday digital or traditional! Doesn’t matter as long as you draw. I might post up the timetable depending on how it goes.

With today’s post looks like its Gesture drawing Fridays! hehe

Gesture practice


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