CGI Animations #3 “Premier Automne”

Okay. My renders are taking ages and instead of just sitting and doing nothing I thought that completing this review I was about to do a few weeks ago would be a great idea. The animation I was thinking of reviewing is “Premier Automne” by Carlos De Carvalho and Aude Danset.

“Premier Automne” from what I understand is an animation about two different seasons and two different characters. One of the Characters: Apolline lives in Summer and the other Character: Abel lives in Winter. The animation is amazing, its fluid and natural. The drawings and effects are unique and enjoyable.

Overall, I loved the animation and even if the story is simple, there is a lot that the audience can feel and analyze through it. Unfortunately, I am not completely comfortable with the story. I understand the idea is that the two characters have to live separately to protect each other, but I would have liked that we kept in mind that there are 4 seasons; Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Even if they cannot be together at first, is it not better if they did end up together?

When winter goes towards Summer there is Spring between them and when Summer goes towards winter there is Autumn between them. Autumn and Spring are very romantic seasons. The story could have included a good ending of Abel and Apolline together creating Spring or Autumn. A season for them to be together without hurting each other. That is just my heart talking because I do not like seeing distance in relationships.

Even if the story bothered me I still enjoyed watching the animation, the sound effects are soft and well synchronized and the environment created is beautiful. Just keep in mind that things are never BLACK OR WHITE. It can have a mixture of both. 🙂 That is just my opinion though.

I have also found the Behind the scenes video, if anyone is interested in that, you can definitely check it out:


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