CGI Animations #1 Contre Temps.

Well, recently I have been watching as many different animations as possible. I want to see them all! Understand them all and see the things that are possible to create. I’ve seen great ones, strange ones, amazing ones and some that I would like to recommend to my friends. I thought! Wow! Here is a great idea. There are many creations out there that have to be discovered and if I ever find them, I better share it on my Blog. Isn’t that what its here for? Gathering ideas, Sharing discoveries and at the same time I am sure that I’m sharing it with the right people because you guys have the same sort of interest in animation and Art (If you found this blog).

Better put my opinion out there.

The Short I want to talk about today is “Contre Temps”; as the title suggests it is a French animation with a fascinating atmosphere. The idea was simple and yet I was captured in the 8 minutes long animation. The personality of the 2 different characters are very convincing and  intriguing [I especially love the slight comedy they added to the man’s character]. I was very impressed to see the relationship between the 2 main characters of the animation evolve during those few minutes. The animators did a wonderful job.

The music was great and sound effects matched the animation perfectly. The colors are calming, with gentle and flowing movements. Personally I do not really like clocks, their ticking stresses me out but the animation was so lovely I managed to put my feelings for clocks aside. [Just like the main character did to save the little girl’s life.]- Its a great animation. Go watch it!



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