CGI Animation #2 Memorize

Alright. Here it goes. Another Review.


Since I am also studying a bit on Special effects I thought I’d talk about special effects a bit. WOO! Right?- [I’ll upload my projects later relating to this and may be my experiences in the animation classes.]

Anyways,This review is about a Short Film, I loved it [even if it only lasted 7 minutes]. The Camera angles varied and were in the right places every time to make the animations look credible. The environments picked and created are perfect to match the “Futuristic” Feel. The actors are pretty good too, so the special effects were great. Please let me comment on the outfits. Please, Please. Yes! I think the main Character’s outfit ROCKS. I really like it. Might even do a FanArt thing on this main character. I’m just putting it out there.

They paid amazing attention to detail and I loved the “video game” type of feel it gives off [without exaggeration]. The main character is also appealing to guys and girls- What I’m trying to say is: they know how to catch their audience. The animations are simple and yet I would have liked more action with a longer Film/Movie. I just wished they dug deeper into the story, made the concept way heavier than what it is. Anyways, watch it! I’m leaving the link below.

P.S: If you are like my Jarvis who likes watching his things in HD or its a NO-NO. Then you’ll be delighted.


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